The World of Tarot Cards of Capricorn Decan, Libra Decan and Cancer Decan


To know which Tarot cards are associated with the Capricorn Decan, Libra Decan and Cancer Decan and is there any resemblance with the Gemini zodiac sign.

Astrology is not a new subject to any of us reading this article. But not elements of Vedic astrology are covered in its superficial knowledge. There is another craft that is also involved in predicting the future of natives which works on the knowledge of Tarot cards.

When astrology and Tarot cards crafts work in close association, the results are expected to be more precise and accurate. As per astrology, there are twelve zodiac signs and each zodiac sign has its own ruling planet and astrology element. Each zodiac has three decans too. These decans have their associated ruling planets and Tarot cards.

This article is going to enhance our knowledge about the tarot card of the various decans of Capricorn, Libra and Cancer.


Capricorn Decan and Its Tarot Cards Significance 



The people born between Dec22 and Jan 19 are the hard-working and disciplined Capricorns who are characterised by their determination to achieve their goals at any cost. The First Decan of Capricorn falls between Dec 22 and Dec 31, which is ruled by the planet Saturn. The Second Decan of Capricorn is from Jan 1 to Jan 10 and it is ruled by the planet Venus. The Third Decan begins from Jan 11 and ends on Jan 19 and is ruled by the planet Mercury just like the Gemini zodiac sign.

The Tarot Card for the First Capricorn Decan is “The Two Pentacles Harmonious Change”. It signifies how the natives are caught in the cycle of gain and loss, pain and joy and yet try to maintain harmony and peace. It also reflects how these natives are industrious yet people don’t take them so seriously.

The Three of Pentacles of Material Work” is the Tarot Card of the Second Capricorn Decan. It stands for enhanced desire to have more and more materialistic pleasures in life. It also signifies the greed and selfishness that is seen in the Capricorn personality to achieve their goals.

The Third Capricorn Decan’s Tarot card is the “The Four of Pentacles of Earthly Power”. It is symbolic of the success that the natives achieve in future. However, they remain restless and discontented.


Libra Decan and Its Tarot Cards 

The people born between Sept 23 and Oct 22 belong to the Libra zodiac sign. These natives are balanced and believe in living with peace and harmony with all. Their life revolves around their relationships.

The First Libra Decan falls between Sept 23 and Oct 2 and it is ruled by Venus. The Second Libra Decan starts on Oct 3 and ends on Oct 12 and it is ruled by Uranus. The Third Decan of Libra is between Oct 13 and Oct 22. Like the Gemini zodiac sign, the planet Mercury rules this Libra Decan.

The Tarot Card associated with the First Libra Decan is “The Two of Swords Peace Restored”, which is symbolic of the contradicting character of the Libra. The card signifies helping the needy and restoring peace all around.

The Second Libra Decans Tarot card is the “Three of Swords Sorrow”, which reflects finding pleasure even in the most miserable condition. Being at peace with the pain and deceit received. The Tarot Card for the Third Libra Decan is the “Four of Swords Rest from Strife”. It is symbolic of maintaining peace after suffering and struggling.


The Cancer Decan and Its Tarot Card 



The over-emotional and sensitive people born between Jun 21 and Jul 22 belong to the Cancer zodiac sign. The First Cancer Decan begins on Jun 21 and ends on June 30. It is ruled by the Moon and its Tarot card is “Two of Cups Love”. It signifies the harmonious relationship between a man and woman in love.

The Tarot Card for the Second Cancer Decan is the “Three of Cups Abundance” which stands for the goodness and success which brings abundance with it. The Third Cancer Decan has the “Four of Cups Blended Pleasure” Tarot Card associated with it. It signifies a period that is pleasurable possessed by force and shall pass soon.


The Wrapping Up

The Tarot Cards and the decans of Cancer, Libra and Capricorn zodiac signs show striking resemblance when we look at the characteristics of their natives. So, it can be concluded that both these elements can be very useful in getting knowledge about the overall life and character of the people. 


Source : Did You Know the Tarot Cards of Capricorn Decan, Libra Decan and Cancer Decan?


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