Star Wars: The Old Republic 7.0 will bring some changes


SWTOR 7.0 is coming soon, players can now know some updates, and players can also prepare enough SWTOR Credits in advance.

SWTOR 7.0 is coming soon, players can now know some updates, and players can also prepare enough SWTOR Credits in advance. Recently, BioWare explained the changes in some new extensions. Players know that when they transfer the server, their custom-created costume design may be lost on the character. A player expressed their expectation on the forum that something similar might happen with the release of 7.0, and the developer quickly clarified the matter.

They confirmed that 7.0 will not lose the existing Outfitter designers, so players do not need to remake them. Unless the players encounter an error, the custom designs of the players’ unique costumes should still be available for existing characters when the expansion is launched. The currently available gears that are dropped when the character is upgraded will stop dropping when 7.0 is released. This is because of the introduction to the fighting style. BioWare is trying to reward players appropriately based on the alternative choices they make for new characters after the 7.0 release. It will create a new equipment set to best match the player’s choice of Origin Story and Combat Styles. Players can also buy SWTOR Credits to buy some powerful equipment.

They explained that with the creation of Combat Styles, the equipment rewarded in Class Story needs to be changed to ensure that players will always receive items that match the correct appearance. In order to solve this SWTOR Credits, they created a new set of leveling gear, which uses the appearance based on the players’ Origin Story. Therefore, for players who play Sniper Combat Style, they will receive a gear suitable for Smuggler’s visual effects. The appearance of the gear is unique for each Origin Story and each planet they visit.

With the expansion, the appearance of the old leveling gear will be used for the new gear part. Most, if not all, it will reuse their appearance for new equipment in 7.0. If some are unavailable, they hope to bring them back in the future. When the expansion is activated, there must be some items that cannot be used or another. BioWare is already actively tracking these items and plans to add them as cosmetic options for existing planetary or reputable suppliers. Or anywhere. As long as they are available for players to earn or buy them again. So players need to prepare sufficient Cheap SWTOR Credits to get these useful items.



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