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Confused about which card you need? The most common card is the green general operative card but depending on your trade or position, you may need to take a specialist or managers test. If you know which card you need then book now or select your card from below.


The UK government has imposed different rules and regulations for contractors in the construction industry. One of them is about CITB Green Card. Permanent employers in this business niche get lots of benefits and perks. However, job security is one of the concerns about the constructors and other workers in the construction field. That is why CITB conducts a test to assess your knowledge about maintaining safety during the construction project.

But, how will you get a Green Card? You have to go through training, pass an exam, and obtain a card. Still, do not think it to be easy to achieve the goal without guidance. To help potential employees in this industry, Construction Cards can be your best partner.

This platform trains you on how to prepare for the CSCS exam. The short training course at Construction Cards covers a range of topics-

Safety and Health-related Law.
Fire Control and Prevention.
Risk Assessment
Developing a Safety Management System.
Manual Handling of materials
Working at Height
First Aid.

By learning about these few topics, you can become one of the professional workers in the construction business. Although you have construction skills, you need to learn about the safety rules at construction sites.

Thus, get prepared to obtain a Green Card. At Construction Cards, you will have an opportunity of booking your mock test for the CSCS exam. With a few clicks, you can book it instantly from any device.

The best fact is that you will get a discount and save time for your group booking of tests. Moreover, you can choose from several test centers based on your preference of location. The computer-based mock tests covering different topics will give you the assessment result within the shortest time. 




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