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Follow the mountain trail until you reach the hut. Name your self, Outlander! I am (Freminnik name) I am from Relleka! These questions can help you understand why you aren't allowed to talk in this hut OSRS Items. You seem to have answered that correctly. You could be an outlander.

The Guardians raise their spears, and then step back. Guards, who's this foreigner? This is (Freminnik Name), of Relleka. He was able to answer the questions posed by the council, and he was granted access to the cabin. The story is not true. Outlander Show your conviction by fighting! The Two Solar Guards change into Level 90-95 Solar Guards in accordance with your level of combat.

Following Zamorak's death Zamorak falls to the ground, turns black, and then shatters into ashes. The ground is then stabbed by his sword. After that, you be thrown onto your back with your legs straightening , and your arms spread out. Your right hand lets go of your divine weapons, Bandos's weapon becomes a normal weapon. Bandos transforms into an obsidian Maul and the three other weapons transform into dragon-like items of the similar type.

The requiem can be heard that is playing. You begin to see the visions of changes. The wildlands transform into a lush green oasis. Varrock and West Ardougne become shining cities. Slowly, the evil starts to disappear until the world is an improved place Buy OSRS Accounts. The camera turns black as you go to sleep. Then, slowly, you wake up at the same spot in a secluded place. It seems to be the exact location in which Zamorak was defeated.


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