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Expect to see some of the tricks Williams has picked up at Moncler to filter back to his white - hot mainline. In contrast, speaking with Leoni on Zoom and looking slowly at these look book images - there's no particular rush, as due to some calendar vagary the collection has been on sale since January, so this review is more an exercise in completism - is highly conducive to connection.

If you are here, you are viewing the look book images for Genius Collection 8: Richard Quinn. Although confusingly presented - especially when Will Smith, Moncler's big advertising representative, passed through and took his bows as the event began - this was a fierce contender for most powerful collection of this year's Genius crop.

In 2018, wrapping a new season's worth of clothes up in an exciting package isn't just a branding exercise. These fun pieces are highly desirable but also a smidgen surprising because Veronica Leoni always seems as staunchly serious and cerebral as her Moncler Outlet pedigree at Philo - era Celine and Sander - era Jil suggests.

But it's also important to make people think, or push it forward in some way." Moncler asks its customers to do both, he said. Visitors to the virtual store can digitally move through the museum and navigate, shop and explore the Moncler products on offer, with the option to directly shop items via the pop - up.

"I love things that are just whimsical and look like they used to do something but don't do anything anymore," Green said. This Fujiwara sortie for Moncler was extra - meta thanks to collaborations within the collaboration: There was a biker by the Brit brand Lewis Leathers and a Converse Chuck 70 and Jack Purcell.



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