Seamaster NZL-32 The Victory is Unforgettable not only producing the custom watches, but also the watch related components, our company has been working hard and keeping close cooperation with international top watch brands, and achieved great technology improvement.

Within the realms of horology, or the science of time keeping, new watches are being provided with dedication at an enormous price of fashion. With so many events, sports competitions, and sponsors these days, everyone is taking a piece of the pie. What better way to display a timeless piece of art than to adorn it on your wrist. Something so exquisite it ticks so closely to your own pulse. Yet, dedicating a watch to a boat is still quite the norm.

In the world of yachting, team New Zealand, crafted the NZL-32. The prided ship also known as Black Magic won the 1995 America's Cup. She rests ever so humble now in the National Maritime Museum in Auckland.

Omega designed a watch in her name. The Omega Seamaster NZL-32 Chronograph, a luxurious timepiece was designed with the help of its New Zealand team's skipper and Omega's Ambassador Dean Barker.

One feature of this watch that truly stands out is its special function that was developed specifically for regatta skippers. Directly in the center of the watch is a five dot indicator system that represents the "start of the regatta". For those who are familiar with the regatta, know that this is the 10 minute window prior to the regatta. The color of the dots start out blue, timing the first five minutes, and then at the final dot, become red as a representation of the last five minutes. Also, carefully crafted is the minutes sub dial that marks the 10 minutes as well. The curved line marks a 0 to 5 minute mark in time with the blue dot and also a 5 to 10 that corresponds with the red. not only manufacture Custom Watches, but also Custom Watch Bands, Custom Watch Dials and more watch parts, we accumulated a profound corporate culture, and grew into a standardized, specialized, brandized, scaled, and systematic watch facilitator.

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