Edit Trauma, Glowing Twilight Slope


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The mace that heals "Trauma" for WOW Classic TBC Gold my resto shaman .... getting to see the screen change to green with thousands of tiny heals coming out .... it was my jam.

Edit Trauma, Glowing Twilight Slope because the healing from chain heals is considered to be directly healing process even on subsequent hops. I was able to heal 20 raid players at a time.

Edit Edit: 4 piece of the tier 10 armor caused the target of your chain heal crits to also be healed for another 25% of the heal over time. This is also a part of the impressive output you could get as a resto shaman.

Chainheal hasn't been driven by gears to buy TBC Classic Gold be a great product. This stuff was a game-changer and it was a miracle! It transforms you from "really excellent healer" to a straight-up "god Tier"



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