I agree guy the absence of transparency is shameful considering money NBA 2K

I agree guy the absence of transparency is shameful considering money NBA 2K


If you are just beginning, I do the very first game a number of the player Spotlights to acquire the Evo cards Lin is most likely the greatest, but they can be good from the CPU in challenges. Then do some Domination, which provides tons of NBA 2K21 MT Tokens to have Rewards cards and players which can get you the collector degree.

Really hate this bullshit on the part of 2K. They state about all the diamonds around the TTO board a week and say it is for the weekend. Fine. Great. Loved it. As a offline player it brought me there for a while. Simply say what you need following, the way they stated about Bingo and Van Arsdale over on TTOff. Was confused why somebody used him and Only watched Mikan at a game right after that game, saw and hit him on the plank. Had I known he was I might have sold mine or when I was a buyer seem to get one on the cheap.

How hard is it to state what prizes are available? I should think they'd WANT to attract folks to the planks by indicating who is in rotation on the planks. This is just like Ruby Allen Iverson and when David Thompson was showing up. Create a announcement! It is not like they don't send out 6,812 tweets per day anyway.In an era where warframe and poe show being transparent to your player base and informing them about everything they do, is positive adverstising for prospective gamers, 2K just closes their eyes and keep hiding things from us. No patch notes, no plans for improvement, no excuse for anything. They dont tease us with prospective content. Our playerbase is hurt by having a biography on a genre actually. They have no reason to push themselves.

I agree guy the absence of transparency is shameful considering money NBA 2K takes in AFTER the sale of all year round and sport. Update with no patch notes? They literally do anything they need. Individuals gotta stop purchasing vc to really hurt them this shit will keep on going. AI is still about yesterday, I got one. Haven't seen a Thompson for a while, but the one I got once I landed in it and like a week or so ago the picture was to get a mark cost heritage pack Thompson popped up.

Would be amazing if they added a random gamers TTO style, where you get 3 players to get only 1 game that are matched against the 3 arbitrary players of your opponent. So you like start NBA 2K and get Fredette, Redd and Bam, although your opponent gets Nash, Wiggins and Big Z. Go through the entire board and get a buy 2K21 MT chance at one of those 30 obtained cards at the 5 ball drop. This would be intriguing. TTO boards should be also updated...we can't have 100 buckets and 1 token left. GotId replace them with 3 tokens and 300 MT.