2K is concerned they can do a great deal


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I play with Fifa largely and 2K as a game. Trust me when I say 2K MT players got it great, you do not understand what horseshit is until you play Fifa.Same lol yall should pray to god NBA 2K aint owned by EA yall will eliminate ur minds.Its pretty insane how EA has forgotten about Manager/Franchise manners in Fifa and Madden. I would play with them whenever they have those.It simply doesn't monetise nearly too. I also think they're intentionally making it un usable so it funnels the player base to the greatest group manner.

You guys do this exact same wish list bullshit each year which goes unheard. They got the foundation for 21 done. They literally gave exactly the same park as this past year just changed the manner in which you construct your player. And I really don't think you gonna see something for Ps5 with 21. Look to be NBA 2K they try to add on something with. And I wager ps5 2K games will be same. I remember being really disappointed when xbox 1 and ps4 weren't better compared to previous consoles, graphics weren't much better. Used if you went from NES to SNES to N64 and PS1 to PS2 to 18, to be the changes had been enormous.

I can't say I did not notice a big jump since I did. The performance difference and graphical difference was noticeable but I believe that gap is shrinking for certain. Technology may only be pushed so far. We have games in 4K on current consoles and we are only now starting work on 8k Films but that is extremely few and far between right now. I think as images will only be able to get so much better, consoles will be about functionality than images. But that was at least the focus with the Xbox Series X, the load times with games is LIGHTNING quick which is really impressive.As much as 2K is concerned they can do a great deal with NBA 2K but only so much you can do on a 12-month cycle plus they earn billions from people releasing minor updated games. Might as well keep going so long as their is no competition and people are purchasing.

Can we talk about the completely unrealistic jerky moves when you transfer your player a different direction? I have never seen an NBA player in real life to buy mt coins move as though they're just like a boat being steered in turbulent water... There is way too much resistance when moving your participant in another way and it does not reflect real physics which I think they were trying to do by not letting you make sudden changes in direction in case your momentum has you moving one way. NBA players are athletic and fast, they could change directions quickly and do not move all clunky and uncoordinated with the ball.

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