Why is Android an open source code platform?


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Why is Android an open source code platform, and what does it mean for developers?

Android is well-known for being a free and open - source operating system. One of the features that developers find appealing when choosing Android OS to build applications is that it is based on the Linux Kernel. To learn more about Android platform, join Android Training in Chennai at FITA Academy for the best training.

The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) was established to ensure that an open source platform would always be accessible to innovate the app market. "The most important goal is to ensure that Android Software is adopted as widely and as compatible as possible, for the benefit of everyone," they emphasised.

Everything you'll need to install and operate Android apps is completely free. This means you can download the Android source code and modify it anyway you like; additionally, because Android is distributed under the Apache licence, you are not compelled to publish any changes you make to the source code.

This is why, in the smartphone industry, you'll find a lot of major and small hardware manufacturers competing, which helps Google's core cause. FITA Academy also offers the Android Course Online to enhance your technical skills in android platform.

This has a significant impact on developers.

Android is your greatest choice as a developer if you want to reach the maximum number of users and provide a far more diverse experience with the product you're building. Besides, no one is directing you what to do; Android merely makes suggestions for things you should attempt or integrate in your app.

Also, unlike other operating systems, Android allows developers to use third-party tools for app development, allowing them to take advantage of a variety of features that improve app functionality.

Certainly, this results in a more satisfying app development experience, allowing you to hone your creative skills and conquer obstacles as an Android developer. Join Android Training in Coimbatore at FITA Academy to grow as a successful Android developer.

This openness is one of the reasons why there are more mobile devices on the market and why Android is quickly becoming the most popular operating system, allowing app developers to access people from all over the world.


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