Ja'Marr Chase isn't the top-rated rookie WR on Madden NFL 22


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K.C. 's schedule is worrisome as well. In the coming six weeks there's plenty of attention paid to the Titans, Packers and Bills each of which have been playing a great offense mut coins. The Chiefs are lucky to draw three quarters of the NFC East in the same stretch and don't have to play the Cowboys.

If the defense isn't able to make sense of the situation, Patrick Mahomes and this offense can guarantee three-3 runs over that stretch. More likely they squeeze out something like 5-1 , and we're not groaning about this division for several months. But there are flaws to this roster and the remaining teams are performing well.

In a word yes. They're not a complete waste of talent, but they seem to be in uncertain circumstances at the moment. This is the way it goes when you are drafted in the top tier of draft you're placed with a weak team. However, these signal callers are put under severe duress early in the season.

The issue could be self-inflicted, since Next Gen Stats show Wilson and Fields in particular hold the ball far too long according to NFL Media's Daniel Jeremiah buy Mut 22 coins. A large portion of this has to do with to personnel issues and scheme problems as well.


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