How to improve the equipment score of New World


There are many factors that affect combat ability, one of which is the player’s equipment score.

In order to enjoy more hardcore PvP elements in the endgame of New World, players must ensure that they keep up with their opponents. In order to stay alive in battle, they cannot risk falling behind too much in statistics and abilities. There are many factors that affect combat ability, one of which is the player’s equipment score.

In order to improve their equipment scores in New World, players need to get better equipment.Many missions can drop weapons, armors, crafting materials, and New World Coins that can increase equipment points. Corruption breakthroughs in New World can drop high-quality loot, and are randomly generated portals throughout Aeternum, where corrupters are generated. After completion, players can find some good loot. Finally, New World’s Outpost Sprint is a dominance-style PvP mode designed for level 60 players, and there are Outpost Sprint treasure chests that will be rewarded for the game and winning.

Just like in most other MMOs, the dungeons in New World are also the best places to get high-quality equipment. Grinding out these is a great way to improve equipment scores and all the dungeons and expeditions that the exploration game must provide. To play a lot of dungeons in New World, they need to adjust the sphere. Therefore, players can choose to buy New World Coins to get tuning orbs.

Making advanced equipment in New World is an easy way to increase their character’s equipment score. The only drawback is that players must first do tasks or spend RPG New World Coins to improve their crafting skills before they can make improved equipment. Players should wait until the upper level limit is reached before upgrading skills such as weapon forging and armor, because these may be time-consuming training.

If the player upgrades a New World production skill and its corresponding collection skill, the required refinement skills should be upgraded through this process. Alternatively, players can also spend New World Coins at the trading station to purchase crafting materials to make higher-scoring equipment.



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