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At TelePower Ltd, we offer a wide range of electrical, data, communication and heat pump installation and repair to domestic, commercial and industrial clients in Southland. Our team is made up of four registered Master Electricians. To find out more about what we do, don’t hesitate to

What are Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps are an energy efficient, cost-effective alternative for heating cooling homes at a fraction of the cost of other systems. Heat pumps are climate control units which extract heat from the air, ground or water to keep your home comfortable all year round. Heat pumps can be used as either a primary heat source or as secondary heaters in conjunction with traditional fossil fuel heating systems such as gas furnaces and Electrician Southland heating products. Heat pumps will provide supreme comfort if you're looking to replace your current central heating system or want to start using them straight away without tearing out existing units.

Types of Heat Pump Systems

There are 3 Heat Pump systems available for Heat Pumps. Below is a brief description of each Heat Pump system:

- Gas Heat Pump: uses natural gas, propane or air as the heat source

- Oil Heat Pump: typically used in commercial buildings

- Direct Expansion (DX) Heat Pump: typically used in larger homes with attached garages

All Heat Pumps are not created equal! When you're checking out Heat Pumps it's important to consider efficiency ratings. These rates let you know how much energy it requires to produce 1 kWh of heating or cooling power. Lower kWh ratings indicate less energy consumption and vice versa so always look for an efficient unit. The below table provides the most common Heat Pump manufacturers and their efficiency rating:

It's also important to consider the current electricity prices in New Zealand when you're purchasing your Heat Pumps, as some brands are more affordable than others based on how much it costs per kWh of power consumption. For example, if electricity prices are $0.40/kWh then you'll be able to save more by buying a system with a lower kWh rating since it will use less electricity. Heat Pump Installation

Heat Pumps Invercargill can be complicated to install, which is why calling professionals is key if you want clean and effective Heat Pump installation. Heat Pump installation requires sealing pipes in your home to prevent damage from external weather conditions such as rainwater inflow and ice build-up. Heat Pumps also require permanent ducting installations with or without ventilation systems for proper airflow distribution throughout your home (depending on the Heat Pump system). At TelePower Heat Pumps, we only hire the most experienced electricians so you know you're getting quality Heat Pump installation by our team of specialist technicians. Call us today on 027 274 0018 to get a free quote for your Heat Pump installation!


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