World of Warcraft” classic master season is coming soon!


World of Warcraft” classic master season is coming soon!

The classic master season server of “World of Warcraft” will be officially launched on November 17th (Wed).Figure: Provided by Blizzard Entertainment.To get more news about Buy WoW Gold, you can visit official website.

The classic version of Unlimited Reincarnation is here! Blizzard Entertainment announced today (29) that the “World of Warcraft” classic master season server will be officially launched on November 17, when players will be able to create new characters and restart the adventure of “Vanilla Age” from level one. And to meet the more difficult and challenging content that has been officially adjusted.World of Warcraft” classic master season will debut on November 17th, Taiwan time.Figure: Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Officials pointed out that, according to the practice when the classic version of “World of Warcraft” was officially launched, players can log in to the server early on November 12, create game characters first and prepare in advance. In the classic master season, content updates such as dungeons and team dungeons will be added to the game more quickly for players to experience, and most of the content will be different in difficulty, and players will welcome more challenging content and game experience changes. .

It’s worth mentioning that when booking a name, as long as the account has an active subscription or game time player, each “World of Warcraft” account can create at most one character. After the season officially starts, the creation of the character will be expanded to “World of Warcraft: Shadow Realm”, “World of Warcraft” Classic Edition: Burning and Crusade, and “World of Warcraft” Classic Edition Master Season each create up to fifty characters.



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