3-ply Type IIR Mask


3-ply Type IIR Mask3-ply Type IIR Mask

Our 3-ply Type II R face masks have a multi-ply design to better prevent inhalation of non-oily airborne pollutants and penetration of bodily fluids. The blue outer layer and white inner layer are made out of non-woven materials, with a polypropylene filtration layer in the middle. The non-woven layers are designed to provide a comfortable fit, with the protective melt-blown middle layer serving as the barrier.To get more news about famous type I mask factory, you can visit tnkme.com official website.

Bacteria filter efficiency (BFE)
Our Type II R medical masks effectively resist bacterial penetration with a rating of at least 98% in accordance with the European standard. Therefore, you can go about your business, knowing that you are 98 – 99.9% protected from inhaling airborne pollutants or hazardous splatter.

100% compliant with regulations (CE, EN14683:2005)
Our 3-ply surgical masks are 100% CE certified. They are also in accordance with the European standard EN14683:2005. Please note that if you need reassurance regarding the certification of our products, we are willing to send you the copies of the relevant documents upon request!

Splash resistance
The unique feature of Type II R surgical masks is the liquid-repellent layer offering additional protection against particulate matter and infectious splashes. The greater protective efficiency of the masks adequately makes up for the higher breathing resistance (



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