Finding a Driving Instructor


With so many different driving instructors and schools , choosing the right instructor for you can be a minefield.

With so many different driving instructor blacktown and schools , choosing the right instructor for you can be a minefield.

Locate instructors within your local area
To begin, you should narrow your list of instructors to those who are in your vicinity.

Get suggestions
A list of driving instructors tells you nothing about how good they are. Review sites where people rate their experiences with driving instructors which can help you select an instructor. But don't trust these reviews 100 percent. You can ask your friends, relatives and family for recommendations from personal sources. Don't be put off if you have never heard of any recommendations. Often the most effective instructors are so busy from word of mouth business that they do not need to run ads in full color in order to attract new business.

Schools, Instructors Crash Courses, Instructors. I'm lost!
These are really just terms for what type of business they operate. Driving instructors generally belong to one of these categories:

Individual Instructor - Only one individual who often is the owner and operator of the company.



  • More personal service
  • May be cheaper




  • No big company is behind issues arise.
  • It is possible to book all the time if the service is good


Driving School - Larger business that tend to hire numerous driving instructors.



  • The backing of an important company
  • It is likely to be up to date with the latest practices and developments
  • Often offer some form of discounts




  • The person you call via the phone might not be the person taking the lessons.


Make sure they are legal and properly licensed
It is important to confirm that your instructor is competent before you step into the vehicle with them. Any instructor who offers driving lessons for money has to register with the driving standard authority (DSA) as required by law. A certified driving instructor is required to display an green badge similar as the one shown on the right of their windscreen. Driving instructors who are training will display an orange badge.

Pass Rates
A teacher who has a pass rate of 70% may sound far more appealing than an instructor who has an average pass rate of 40% always take these figures with an equal amount of salt. Everyone works out these figures in a different way, so comparing numbers can have no meaning. For instance, some people might determine the pass rate as the percentage of individuals who are first to pass, while others might figure it out as the percentage of people who pass all the time, which can result in a pass rate nearly 100 percent.



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