ACE Heavy-Duty Equipment: Unleashing Power and Efficiency


Experience the power and efficiency of ACE's heavy-duty equipment. Explore their top-performing excavators and backhoe loaders designed to enhance productivity on construction and mining sites. Is ACE worth the investment?

Heavy-duty equipment is constantly evolving to increase on-site output with the latest technologies being introduced. Several companies are operating on this notion and are developing new-age equipment. These advanced models are easy to use, besides being highly efficient.

Now, with the existence of several brands, ACE tops the chart of best-performing heavy-duty machine brands in India. In this blog, we'll see if ACE's excavators and backhoe loader models are worth buying. 

Featuring the Top 2 Heavy-Duty Equipment Models from ACE

ACE AX-124 Backhoe Loader 

This model soon after its launch became one of the most favored backhoe loaders in India. Rightly so, the machine features an operating weight of 7500 kg. Such a massive weighing capacity delivers high output at both construction and mining projects. The 80 ltr of hydraulic oil capacity also ensures smooth operation while preventing any friction between the moving parts. 

Moreover, the model can reach up to a full height of 2600 mm. This functionality efficiently aces productivity while reducing downtime. Furthermore, the 1 cum bucket capacity helps in heavy load carriage. Above all, the price range of this ACE backhoe loader is between Rs. 23-31 Lakh in India. 

ACE TM550 Crane 

This is yet another best-performing crane model from ACE. To illustrate, the model comes with a boom length of 42 meters. This spec subsequently enlivens work efficiency while reducing smooth operation. Besides, the ground contact pressure of the crane is optimum. 

Additionally, the model can lift materials weighing up to 55 tonnes. This subsequently helps increase work output. Moreover, the crane can operate at a speed of 480 kmph. The ACE crane price range for this model ranges between Rs. 1.34-1.36 Cr. 

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