Air Jordan 4 "2021 Lightning" CT8527-700 will be released on August 28


Air Jordan 4 "2021 Lightning" CT8527-700 will be released on August 28

New Jordan 2020, As one of the most coveted and rare Air Jordan releases in history, these Tour Yellow and Dark Gray Jordans are finally scheduled to be re-released on August 28, 2021. This is the first time in history to offer a whole family size, revealing the Jordan brand's intention to make the most of its legendary status. Air Jordan 4 "Lightning" finally returned after fifteen years, but it is worth the wait. In addition to its unique release style and timing, Lightning 4s has one of the most well-known color schemes in the history of Jordan Retro, reminding us of a unique time in the history of Air Jordan. The all-yellow Air Jordan 5 Tokyo23 released in 2011 seems to only increase its desire, although apart from the similar color, Lightnings has nothing to do with those ultra-rare Japanese exclusives. The demand for this upcoming product, which will be released on August 28th, is staggeringly high, and we expect the whole family to sell out soon. Undoubtedly, Lightning 4s is one of the must-have sneakers during the back-to-school shopping season.
2020 Cheap Jordans, 2017 is an iconic year for Air Max; with the launch of the Vapormax cushioning system, Vapormax has become the main product of lifestyle footwear. Popular products such as Vapormax Plus and other experimental companies have created Vapormax units. Brought huge benefits. However, it has been a far cry since the original Vapormax model in 2017. With the appearance of these nearly monochromatic Vapormax Flyknit 2021 color schemes, we are reminded of one of the best color matching stories of the year that debuted-Day To Night Pack. Nike offers five colors of the original Vapormax Flyknit in blue and purple tones, representing the change in the color of the sky from the sun's rise to the sun's setting. Although only three of the colors have appeared here, we can imagine that there may be more colors in 2021 as an unofficial Day To Night revenge. Of course, this is completely unofficial, but hope that other Vapormax fans will recognize this connection. If Nike is indeed recalling the original suit, then it is certain that two more monochrome styles will be launched soon.
Retro Jordan 2021, The word "chaos" often follows Russell Westbrook. His iconic lineup with Jordan Brand clearly noticed this, often integrating themes that fit the word again and again. Here, although not as loud as the past products, the brand new Westbrook One Take 3 follows closely behind, offering color schemes that are rarely constrained by neutral tones. Only the midsole and heel are close to white, but a closer look reveals that both have a clear lavender appearance. The bright aqua blue complements this hue of the lining and adjacent trim, while the rest of the exterior has chosen a stronger contrast, decorating most of the synthetic fiber and mesh panels in a deep red close to neon light. Black does make a subtle relief here and there—especially the tongue, laces, and tread—but it is largely obscured by most of the above.
Compared to products of the same level, Nike Air Max 95 appears very rarely. Here, as one of its few new color schemes, this pair of combinations combines subtle camouflage with monotonous militaristic tones. The rugby strikes on a solid bulletproof material, modifies the sides, and is placed below the above pattern. The appearance is more iridescent than the real camouflage. Elsewhere, the black neutral color rounded the upper, completing everything from the leather toe and fender to the mesh-dominated top line.



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