2022 Davinci Dc100 electric motorcycle


2022 Davinci Dc100 electric motorcycle

2022 Davinci Dc100 electric motorcycle

For the past seven years, Davinci Tech, a Chinese startup with a focus on providing seamless, safe, and enjoyable electric motorcycle rides, has been hard at work developing its first electric two-wheeler. In order to become a production-ready model, DC100, the company's prototype had been redesigned, enhanced, and revised.To get more news about DC100, you can visit davincimotor.com official website.

Due to the DC100's myriad of electronic sensors, it is described as a "robot on two wheels." They ensure its safety and efficiency. Besides batteries and the powertrain, all of these features are hidden beneath the bulky bodywork that gives the DC100 its futuristic look.Due to its complex electronics, the DC100 is capable of sensing ambient temperature, battery and motor temperatures as well as the bike's position relative to its surroundings. In a similar manner to what we see on modern-day performance machines, the DC100 also uses gyroscopic sensors to determine factors such as pitch and lean angles.
In order to make the bike easier to use in low speed situations, Davinci has added a Driving Assistance feature. With the "D" gear, the rider can automatically slow down the bike to 4.3 miles per hour, or about 7 kilometers per hour. Due to its sensors, the DC100 can detect both incline and decline, so its automatic engine braking feature also includes uphill assist.

Considering the size and weight of this electric two-wheeler, the DC100 comes with a reverse gear for easier parking and maneuverability.As with modern-day performance machines, the Davinci DC100 is equipped with traction control. If the rear wheel starts to slip, the sensors measure the difference between front and rear wheel speeds and cut power. Its power recovery system operates when braking and coasting, replenishing the battery marginally. Owners will be able to update their bikes' software over-the-air (OTA), just like they do with their smartphones, so they can do so without leaving their homes.

The DC100's battery and drivetrain have not been publicly disclosed by Davinci. This bike, however, will be able to reach some lofty goals in the future. This company is currently developing a fast-charging system that can charge batteries from flat to 85 percent in just 15 minutes, one of the fastest charging times in the EV world. Davinci DC100 pre-orders are now available via the company's website listed below. For now, it appears that bookings can only be made by those residing in China.



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