Catalog of Lladro Figurines


Lladro is well-known throughout the world, and there is a specialist shop selling its beautiful and diverse range of figures in almost every major city.

Lladro figurines


You may not recognise the name, but if you were to look through a Lladro figurines catalogue, you would almost certainly be familiar with this world-renowned manufacturer of fine porcelain figurines.

Lladro is well-known throughout the world, and there is a specialist shop selling its beautiful and diverse range of figures in almost every major city. This has come a long way since the three Lladro brothers began making their figures in their home in Spain in 1953. The company now employs over 2000 people.

If you want to learn more about these highly collectible pieces, the Antique and vintage Lladro figurines catalogue has everything you need. The catalogue is organised into themes, which is convenient. Porcelain types are also classified, such as Classical Porcelain or New Trends. For ease of searching, these are further organised into collections and themes.

For those who are unsure which piece is right for them or who require assistance in selecting, the Lladro catalogue includes a special section for gift suggestions, where you can see figurines for special occasions. Customers and collectors can browse a full online Lladro catalogue on the Lladro website for their convenience and to extend the availability of the figurines.

The Lladro figurines catalogue online is easy to use and includes the option to pay for items online and have them shipped directly to the buyer. The website will also provide you with information on shops that sell the figurines as well as how to locate a specific piece. There is even a list of places that will repair figurine damage if it becomes necessary.

This is a wise decision because if your limited figurine is damaged, you will want the best restoration possible for your valuable piece. The Lladro figurine catalogue will also introduce you to a special breakage insurance that you can purchase to protect your investment.If you buy the insurance, you will automatically become a Lladro Company privileged member.

Lladro is available in three series. The open series designs are produced in an unlimited quantity until a retirement year and are a less expensive way to own one of these fine objects. More valuable limited editions, in which the total number of pieces produced is limited and issued on a specific date. The certificate that comes with the piece confirms that it is a limited edition.

A numbered series piece is available from an issue date to a retirement date, but it is numbered and comes with a numbered certificate. These figurines are part of a limited production run, and once sold, the item will not be produced again. The value of these Lladro limited production series is, of course, greatly increased due to the'strawberry effect,' the calculated scarcity that these limited items are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The authenticity of a Lladro figurine is easily verified because the bottom of the figurine should have one of the 12 Lladro logotypes printed on it, confirming that it is a genuine Lladro piece. Illustrations of these logotypes can be found in the Lladro figurines catalogue.




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