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NBA 2K23 Season 2 is off and running, giving MyCareer players a clean slate to earn 40 tiers of season-exclusive rewards over the next couple of weeks. In addition to dropping

NBA 2K23 Season 2 is off and running, giving MyCareer players a clean slate to earn 40 tiers of season-exclusive rewards over the next couple of weeks. In addition to dropping in MyTeam and The W, Season 2 has arrived in MyCareer, offering players new events, apparel and another 40-level battle pass-esque reward track to dive into free of charge. Here is a breakdown of the MyCareer Season Prizes in NBA 2K23 Season 2 on Current and Next Gen.

NBA 2K23 Release Date

Everyone began playing NBA 2K23 MyTEAM on Friday, September 9, 2022. So, now that it's began everyone is looking to build up their team.

Bit by bit we're learning information surrounding NBA 2K23, such as all the editions that are available. This includes the Digital Deluxe Edition, which is featured above.

My Team

My Team will have new rewards, moments, and events for gamers to play through. Season 2’s Level 40 reward is NBA 2K23’s featured player, Devin Booker

My Career

In the Wild West, anyone can make a name for themselves; the same goes for The City and the G.O.A.T. Boat. Whether you’re playing on New Gen or Current Gen, MyCAREER offers a wellspring of opportunity, where you can duel players around the world on the court and gain notoriety as an elite hooper. Season 2 is decked out with thematic Wild West courts and artwork, setting the stage for some high-scoring shootouts. Challenge the competition and earn XP to redeem for all-new rewards, including new jumpshot meters and releases, a Skeleton outfit, and a Level 40 Jabbawockeez outfit. It’s time to prepare for the NBA regular season and spooky season in NBA 2K23.

The Wild West sets the scene for Season 2, but you’ll experience your fair share of Halloween delights and frights as well. During the month of October, we’re hosting some spooktacular events to get you in the Halloween spirit. The Long Night returns, casting an evening shadow over The City for 24 hours. Hit the courts under the cover of darkness and light up your defenders with a spell of three pointers. Grab your pillow case and sport your best outfit for a night of Trick or Treating, and visit select locations for festive rewards.

By now, it’s no secret that award-winning artist J. Cole is in 2K23, and will grace the cover of NBA 2K23: DREAMER Edition, but we have some more details we’re thrilled to share. Season 2 will add more apparel brands to the collection, most notably J. Cole’s Dreamville label brand. Dreamville apparel, ranging from hoodies, t-shirts, and pants, will be available at SWAG’s and pop-up stores around The City and the G.O.A.T. Boat later in Season 2. The rapper and avid hooper has left his imprint on 2K23’s story, its cover, and hand-selected soundtrack. J. Cole carefully curated a list of 20 tracks for you to hoop to all Season, which you can learn more about further down.

NBA 2K23 Season 2 Rewards

As soon as the new season starts in NBA 2K23, MyTEAM Season, Season Levels, XP, as well as the following game modes – Triple Threat, Triple Threat Online: Co-Op, Clutch Time, Clutch Time Online, Unlimited, and Limited are all going to reset and receive new Seasonal prizing. The Season 2 is going to be themed around the Wild West. And while this is the overall theme, it doesn’t mean that Halloween is going to be ignored. After all, it is October. As such, some of the rewards you can get in MyCAREER include new jumpshot meters and releases, a new Skeleton outfit, as well as a Level 40 Jabbawockeez outfit. You will be able to trick-or-treat as part of the Long Night event, during which you can earn special festive rewards.


MyNBA provides players with a time machine that allows them to start a new MyNBA save at a specific point in NBA history called an Era. Players can play through solo, or join up with friends and choose to either relive or rewrite key moments, including:

The Magic Vs Bird Era: Starting in 1983, players will find themselves in the heat of the Magic Johnson vs. Larry Bird rivalry that took over the league. Fans can rewrite 1980’s NBA history while they compete to draft the likes of Michael Jordan, Akeem Olajuwon, or any of the other NBA legends who were drafted in that legendary decade;

The Jordan Era: Beginning in 1991, The Jordan Era puts players right at the beginning of Jordan’s dominant run with the Chicago Bulls. They will battle with Isiah Thomas’ “Bad Boys” Detroit Pistons, John Stockton and Karl Malone, Olajuwon’s Houston Rockets, and Patrick Ewing’s New York Knicks for a chance to claim 1990’s basketball supremacy;

The Kobe Era: The Kobe Bryant era takes fans back to 2002, where a new generation of talent had emerged in the West, including Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs, Kevin Garnett and the Minnesota Timberwolves, Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks, and of course, the Black Mamba himself, Kobe Bryant. In addition to competing against the legends of this era, players will also be fighting for draft position in anticipation of the legendary 2003 draft class;

The Modern Era: The previous MyNBA experience is now dubbed the Modern Era. Longtime fans of the mode can continue to start with the most up-to-date rosters available and enjoy the traditional MyNBA experience.

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