My life as a glamorous Bangalore Escort


Hello. I am Jasmine (not my real name), the most sought-after Bangalore Escort among the clients.

Hello. I am Jasmine (not my real name), the most sought-after Bangalore Escort among the clients. I am a girl 23 years of age, and most clients assume I am a college girl because of my beauty and smartness. I am superhit among men craving thrill and excitement in bed with a beautiful female. I want to share with the readers about my life and my schedule as a popular Bangalore escort. 

Always ready to join the client as a Bangalore Escort

I am from a suburb of Bangalore but live in a rented apartment in a posh colony. Few people in my society realize I work as an escort because of my arrivals and departures at unusual times. I am a social animal and have made several friends in my society. I never know when I will get a call from my escort agency to attend to a client. This is why I prefer to wear a simple T-shirt and lower at home. I take just a few minutes to turn into a glamorous doll. Clients become impatient after booking a Bangalore escort. I know this and try to join my customer as quickly as possible.

My attire as a Bangalore Escort

I love to wear western dresses when I am attending to my clients. I have many such dresses in my wardrobe. I also have many with tight jeans and tops. I know that clients are looking at my boobs all the time. I try to look sizzling by wearing deep-neck tops and dresses to reveal my cleavage to them. Some clients want to see their Bangalore escort dressed like a south Indian actress. I am happy to oblige these men by wearing a saree and a blouse. Men say I look hot and sizzling in traditional attire as I reveal my navel and cleavage in this attire.

I make use of cabs as a Bangalore Escort

I have a Scooty which I use to go to the market and when shopping. However, I call an Ola cab whenever I get a call to meet a client in a hotel. These cabs take care of my privacy and safety. I do not come under the glare of the people on the roads. I know my revealing attire will make me an object of attraction, and I don’t want to create a scene. Cabs are easily and quickly available in all parts of the city. I feel safe and comfortable in an Ola cab usually arranged by my escort agency. 

I have to go out of town sometimes with the client

In most cases, clients book my services for a few hours or the entire evening. But some regular clients want to spend time with me for a longer duration. These clients come to Bangalore on vacation or for a weekend. They hire me as their companion for as long as they are in the city. Like other Bangalore Escorts, I sometimes go out of the city to fulfill the needs of my clients. 


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