The Backrooms is a disturbing computer game


Welcome to The Backrooms, a horrifying computer game that contains a randomly created maze of office areas with wet flooring, yellow paint, and low lights.

The Backrooms is a survival horror game where you explore landscapes, passageways, stages, and more. This game is based on an Internet legend. Every room or level has its own distinct mix of monsters, entities, or both. To survive the maze, you must memorize each level's characteristics.

This game's players will be herded into a room for unclear reasons. The room has yellowish wallpaper, a wet carpet, and fluorescent lights. Maintain forward movement to find the exit in the allocated time and win the maze. Players must walk carefully through the "labyrinth beyond reality" because the rooms look alike and contain unknown "objects." Strange noises and laughter will stress your nerves. If "it" finds you, you have nowhere to hide; leave as fast as you can. No catch!

The game is a thrilling journey where you must use all of your senses to dodge perils and find the exit. The Backrooms is a recreation of a 1998 game inspired by an actual British case. This game is terrifying. Even though some elements are missing, the atmosphere and dread create a realistic experience for the gamer. In contrast to the 1998 version, this one is 3D. The sound and design are more sensitive than previously.

Learning and remembering their patterns and routines is the only way to win. You can then readily respond to any situation. If you get terrified in their company, you will be easily defeated in the backrooms

Playing tips

The Backrooms are dangerous and hold a multitude of knowledge and settings to bring you to your knees. Follow these suggestions to prepare emotionally and physically:

To enter Backrooms, players must "noclip." This stage won't have explicit instructions because it's random. You can speed up the procedure by going to dark walls in abandoned buildings, suspect doorways, or other places to find the entry. Random, unexplained locations, when the player slips and falls (typically on certain steps), interacting with damaged things; the stairs' odd qualities evaporate or fly away after two or more attempts. If you see any of the signals, a mystery passage will open; prepare to travel through the wall.
Luck: Depending on how the system is constructed, you may start at Level 0, 1, or 2. It all depends on your luck.
In case you're in Backrooms by mistake, do as follows:

Stay calm and make every attempt to keep your composure. Any noise can invite bad guys.
Remember details about your immediate environment, such as the color of the walls and furniture arrangement. It helps you determine your current level.
You should hunt for the required items according to level: - A first aid kit is needed for mending and becoming well.

You can use your weapon to defend yourself from dangerous creatures and anyone that want to harm you. Knives are preferable than bows or guns since the noise created by guns can lure more enemies to you. Knives are quiet. If you miss with the bow, the noise can be distracting, so be aware.

Time is limited in The Backrooms, therefore participants must always watch the clock; else, they'll be eliminated when the clock hits zero.



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