Simpler, more advanced, the black and white collocation of autumn and winter is demonstrative


The trend of fashion is constantly evolving, with different styles and personalities every year


The trend of fashion is constantly evolving, with different styles and personalities every year, and the fashion of color also changes accordingly. However, no matter how it changes, we can find the shadow of black, white and gray in these fashionable collocation. Because, in the world of color, color is not just the colorful waves of light that our eyes can touch.

If we only feel with our eyes, we will never learn color. For example, we all think that black and white are omnipotent colors and versatile colors. In fact, the significance behind black and white is more profound. So what do you do with black and white that you can never get tired of wearing? Today xiaobian will share with you 24 groups of outfits, one every day, not boring, not greasy.

Small fragrant wind is always a light and delicate woman essential sheet, collocation always has a confident and intellectual beauty. Black and white spell the knit cardigan of color, the length of short money also has the taste of small fragrant wind, match the trousers that drag the ground on black, contracted commute temperament, the fabric of trousers choice suit does not stick skin, very comfortable, show thin will not show crotch again. White small fragrant wind with short style A word skirt, white tone with short style looks simple and agile, and very delicate, very fair maiden wind taste.

Although the combination of pure black or pure white is not so wrong, it will inevitably have some dull feeling, and it also needs a certain internal and external temperament to control. The long coat of black and white small case grain, the aura sense of a little windbreaker, looks elegant and commute, the version of the waist slim effect is very good, with a pair of black boots, prominent slender legs, high effect is obvious. The T shirt that single condole belt designs, the design of long sleeve suits autumn very much, thickness moderate, take a bit small sex appeal, having the grace of ripe female lightly already and gentleness, and still show charm very much. With the slim jeans, the black tone is very commuting, very real.

Baseball clothing and hoodie can say to be the leading role of autumn winter season, go out as daily street, choose the collocation of hoodie, take street trend wind, individual character is fashionable, black and white spell the combination of color, look very simple but elegant, very simple. In the length of long money and loose version, it looks casual and comfortable, what want is the feeling with this kind of languid laziness. If you want to embellish the length of your legs, you can choose a pair of black shorts with a combination of leggings to show off your legs.

Black and white small check grain in the long skirt, looks very elegant, with a bit of retro taste, suitable for light ripe women, gentle and connotation, skirt place the ornament of small lotus leaf edge, very feminine, outside the collocation of a medium suit coat, black tone, looks delicate and agile, very professional temperament. The pure white shirt of short money, deserve to go up black open fork half skirt, contracted have design feeling again, match up very pull tall figure proportion, still have the taste of wind of a kind of hot girl. Black one-line shoulder with tolerant mop pants, there is a high cold goddess fan flavor.

Classic small fragrance wind, wear not greasy black and white minimalist color, clean, simple and advanced collocation. Small sweet of white, garment edge passes black ornament to let a dress not too difficult to control, let white much a few minutes individual character, lower body chooses black mop trousers, combination of black and white, intellectual has glamour again. A black dress is very feminine, and it is also an essential wardrobe item for women. Embroidered flowers on the front can not only improve the quality and style of the item, but also improve the feminine temperament of the collocation. Ankle length, and just right in the fall.

The skill that fold wears is the tie-in skill that we must want to learn when autumn winter, what can let us wear take look individual character has model already, pass the collision of colour, still can let collocation look to have administrative levels feeling very much. The position of long money, of black tonal match the printing of the letter, concise and easy, the skirt that the lower body chooses black, take a bit of woman flavour, take a bit of leisure along with sex and nature. Black in the windbreaker has a sense of design, the edge through the white line ornament looks very personality, version of the neutral, handsome and intellectual.

The cardigan of stripe also is very individual character, and still can soften bloated effect on the vision, the version of short paragraph slim body is very agile. Match up, take the flavor of a bit of Korean department wind, casual daily and good-looking, the lower body chooses brown cigarette pants, color collocation looks gentle and quietly elegant, daily workplace is very casual. Also can choose wash white cowboy, bring leisure wind, very suitable for daily street.

Baseball clothes, very personality, neutral style, prominent handsome and sexy, thickness is just right, autumn is suitable for collocation is right, version will not appear bloated. The black style is classic, with black jeans, a pair of high-top Martens, and the flavor of motorcycle, with ordinary jeans, is very suitable for everyday shopping. Simpler, more advanced, the black and white collocation of qiu dong is demonstrative, tell you to wear so very temperamental really!Read more at:




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