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Michelin Tyres is the world’s leading tyre manufacturer and it all started with trying to make more money. The journey from failure to success in a very short time was an innovative idea for being profitable and now, with more than 112 years of experience behind its name, Michelin has become one of the most famous brands on earth.

The journey of Michelin Tyres the world’s leading tyre manufacturer

Michelin Tyres is a global company. It started out as a family business, Michelin sold its shares to the world’s leading tyre manufacturer, Bridgestone Corporation. The journey from failure to success in a very short time is quite amazing!

The founder of Michelin Tyres was Émile Clément-Bayard who was born on February 7th 1827 in Paris France and died on May 14th 1908 at the age of 82 years old. He got married to his cousin Marie-Louise Sormand by whom he had two sons Jacques (1855) Jean (1858). The family moved from Paris to Lyon where Jean joined his father’s firm when he was 19 years old after completing his university studies

The journey from failure to success in a very short time

Cheap Tyres Aberdeen is a well-established company in the tyre sector with over 30 years of experience. They have been providing their customers with top-quality products and services at competitive prices for many years now. They provide affordable tyres to people who could not afford the expensive tyres.

It all started with trying to make more money

It all started with trying to make more money.

When Édouard and André Michelin founded their company in 1889, they were already well-known for making tyres for bicycles. They had started out by selling these tyres from their small factory in Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne region of France. But now the brothers wanted more: they wanted to make money! 

Michelin Tyres quickly became one of the largest manufacturers in Europe during this period - thanks largely due to its focus on innovation coupled with high-quality products which made it an excellent choice when it came time to choose a Michelin Tyres Aberdeen supplier!

Bicycles and motorcycles came next

Michelin first started making bicycle tyres in 1898. The company used the same technology developed for bicycles and motorcycles—which included metal casings, canvas cord ends and steel wire rims—to make its car tyres.

The company expanded rapidly in the early 1900s, but it wasn't until 1910 that Michelin became a major player in the automotive industry. That year saw the introduction of its first car tyre: a radial-ply version designed specifically for American cars made by General Motors Corporation (GM). It was also an expensive luxury item at $5 per pair; so while they were selling well enough to justify their existence as niche products among enthusiasts willing to pay extra for quality rubber on their vehicles' wheels, they weren't profitable enough yet for Michelin's management team to consider expanding into other sectors beyond bicycles and motorcycles.

Air-filled tyres for cars with an innovative idea for being profitable

The Michelin Tyre Company is a French multinational tire manufacturer headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Founded by Édouard Michelin in 1891, it was the first company to mass-produce pneumatic tires. The company's first product was bicycle tires and then car and truck tires.

Michelin has been listed on the Paris Stock Exchange since 1932 and is a component of the CAC 40 index.[2][3] Its stock is included in IBEX 35, EuroStoxx 50,[4] MIB 30[5], PX30[6], FTSE 100,[7], DJ Stoxx Europe 600[8] and FTSE All-World ex Japan Index Series (FA000A).

Michelin Guide History

The first Michelin Guide was published in 1900 to help motorists get lost on the road. It was a series of guidebooks published, which included maps and information about hotels, restaurants and other points of interest.

The second edition came out in 1926 and featured 500 new restaurants across Europe along with more detailed descriptions than before. In 1931, they introduced their first guidebook specifically for France: Le Guide des Routes de France (The Road Travel Guide). This book was so popular that it became one of their best sellers—selling over 20 million copies worldwide!

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Michelin Tyres Aberdeen is one of the leading suppliers of tyres for cars, commercial vehicles and bicycles in the UK. We have been providing a wide range of quality tyres to customers for over 50 years.

Our journey has been an interesting one. It has made us what we are today: an international company with a strong presence in every corner of Europe. In fact, we supply more than 3 million tyres per year!


We can’t wait to see you in our garage and help you find the perfect tyres for your car.


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