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The Curse of Tongues, Curse of Recklessness, Curse of Weakness and Curse of Doom will be open to all Warlocks regardless of specialization with WoTLK Classic Gold. Warlocks will also be able to manipulate the world with Demonic Circle.

Tied Tongue Tied becomes a brand new skill, which will allow spells to target those who suffer from Curse of Tongues, preventing the healing effects of these spells from reaching them.


The unstable Affliction is set to be upgraded to decrease its stacking power to torture the victim for longer without using the Soul Shard.Malefic Rapture will be added as a unique ability that will permit Affliction Warlocks to compound the ill-health they cause and to inflict damage to any enemies that are affected by their regularly-used spells.Sow the Seeds can be found as a brand new talent, allowing the Affliction Warlock to include two additional seeds in the enemies around them. When coupled with the Malefic Rupture ability, enemies explode.


Dark Pact will scale with Spell Power to absorb much more harm than before.The Dark Fury talent will bring a new benefit that will increase the power of Shadowfury by increasing the range of effect of the spell when it falls on the battlefield with WOW WoTLK Classic Gold.


Fire and Brimstone create two Soul Shard Fragments for every additional enemy struck by the Destruction Warlock's energizing Incinerate.



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