Garhwal Himalayan Tours, Adventure & Activities - A Glimpse into India's Wilderness


Garhwal Himalayan camping holidays are a great way to experience India and the Himalayas in a relaxing atmosphere.

Whether you want to discover unusual Indian wildlife on adventure tours in India, hike the tallest and tallest mountains in the world, or try to conquer rough topography, travel across India on a bike or jeep safari excursion. Do we take full care of your adventure tourism? You can also see the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan on a camel safari tour. Authorized by the state government of India, adventure tourism in India has the responsibility of meeting all the basic and basic needs of travelers on business as well as leisure. Our years of experience in organizing adventure tours within India have enabled us to meet various needs.

Trekking in India

Trekking is considered one of the most popular and famous adventure sports in India, which attracts trekkers from all over the world. There are many trekking options available in almost every corner of India. Trekking in India is the best way to explore the natural beauty of the mountains. The trekking routes in the Indian mountains are breathtaking, impressive, and action-packed. Trekking in India takes you amidst high peaks, romantic with sparkling waterfalls. Trekking in India also puts trekkers in direct contact with people living in mountainous regions. Trekking amidst the lofty peaks of Indian mountains is an experience of a lifetime in which reality becomes a dream. Darjeeling and Sikkim trekking, Garhwal and Kumaon trekking, and Rishikesh trekking are among the most popular and famous trekking routes in India.

Darjeeling and Sikkim Trekking

Darjeeling offers some of the most intriguing and common trekking routes in West Bengal and Sikkim. Trekking in Darjeeling and Sikkim provides stunning and amazing views of Mount Everest as well as sunrise over Kangchenjunga.

Garhwal and Kumaon Trekking

The Garhwal and Kumaon Himalayan ranges have some of the highest and most spectacular mountain peaks in the world. Every year, a large number of trekkers throng the trekking routes known for their snow-capped peaks, out-of-the-world valleys, crystal clear glaciers, and waterfalls and cascades.

Rishikesh Trekking

Rishikesh is the starting point for many great adventure trips and is famous for meditation travel. India is famous for its ashrams, famous centers of philosophical studies, yoga, and meditation. Situated on the banks of the Ganges, these places offer breathtaking views that leave the visitors mesmerized, and studying, meditating, and practicing yoga here is an unforgettable experience.

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