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    Different Types Of Architecture Style In Indian Construction



    Different Types Of Architecture Style In Indian Construction


    Architecture Firms in Chennai, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai, and Kolkata are known for their solid creative construction of beautiful buildings.

    Ancient Indian architecture:

    Architecture has developed throughout Indian history for an extended period. Architecture is not a modern phenomenon because we have been practising it for so long. The most remarkable Indian architecture is found in the cities of the Harappan Civilization, which has unique town planning. The medieval period emerged with Persian and indigenous styles of architecture. After that, the colonial period's influence leads western architectural forms to India. Architecture firms in Chennai, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai, and Kolkata are known for their solid creative construction of beautiful buildings. 

    Indian architecture:

    The architecture combines imagination, planning, needs, and proper execution of the builders. The influence of different regions has impacted the nature of Indian architecture. The study of architecture and architects in Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi helps one to understand the better cultural, regional, and traditional aspects of Indian architecture. Indian architecture has explored various social requirements and the country's economic prosperity. 

    Influence of Greek and Persian on ancient Indian architecture:


    • The Mauryan art and architecture illustrate the impact of Persians and Greeks.
    • Greek and Indian architecture depicts the development of Gandhara art.
    • Persian, Arab, and Central Asia architectural styles were domes and arches.
    • Bahamani sultans procure architectural styles from Persians, Syrians, and Turkish.


    Gothic style architecture:

    The Church of St. John had wide Gothic arches and beautiful stained-glass windows. The walls are made of Kurla stones, and the roof is made of teak wood.

    Victoria Terminus ( Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus) in Mumbai is considered a massive railway construction, and the architecture was designed in the Victorian Gothic Style. 

    Neoclassical style architecture: 

    The neo-classical style of architecture is borrowed from the classical Indian style. One can find this type of style in the residence of the ruler and town halls.


    The growth and development of architecture in contemporary India:

    After independence, the architecture of contemporary india has infused various methods of architecting skills in constructing buildings. The builders and architects in different cities incorporated the ideas of culture and unique style in commercial and residential construction. Many building contractors in Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi restore the design of various architecting styles.



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