How do we choose a high-pressure test pump?


To ensure the purchase of a qualified high-pressure test pump and service, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

To ensure the purchase of a qualified high-pressure test pump and service, we should pay attention to the following aspects:


The occupation of high-pressure test pumps and pressure test products seems to have a low skill threshold, but it is actually a very demanding occupation because it involves factors such as pressure test operators, tested products, and the accuracy of test results.


Since there is no production license system in China at present, there is a mixed situation in this industry, which has brought some workshop-style enterprises that do not have the skills to guarantee talents to stand on the sidelines. They deceive and mislead customers by stealing the product pictures and technical parameters of regular enterprises, hyping it up on the Internet and other channels, thereby disrupting the market. Once the order is received, it will perfunctory users by purchasing parts, piecing together or copying products from regular manufacturers, unable to provide perfect technical guarantee services and harming the interests of customers.


To ensure the purchase of qualified products and services, the following aspects should be noted:


  1. Pay attention to the skills and talents of the enterprise, as well as the position in the occupation.


  1. Whether the enterprise has participated in the formulation and revision of relevant Chinese norms or professional norms. This is objective evidence. The drafting and revising units of my country's occupational norms are often the leading enterprises in the occupation, representing the skilled positions in the occupation and the influence of the mall.


  1. Whether the company has a strong skills development team. There are many tricks to pressure pumps and pressure testing products. Without a complete skill development team, it is difficult to provide users with qualified products and perfect skill services simply by piecing together or simply copying purchased parts, because the key points of core skills have not been grasped.


  1. Pay attention to the technological achievements of the enterprise. Including 1. Scientific and technological achievement awards, monographs and papers, etc. Focus not only on the quantity of it, but also on whether it touches the core skills of stress testing.


  1. Pay attention to the production history of the enterprise. The longer the production history, the richer the skills.


Second, pay attention to whether the enterprise has a scientific and perfect quality assurance system.


In addition to satisfying functions and functions, high-pressure pressure test pumps and pressure test products are particularly important due to contact problems, especially under high-pressure and high-pressure conditions. Therefore, strict quality control is required in product structure design, data selection, machining accuracy, data processing, and functional testing. A scientific quality assurance system is an important guarantee of product quality and quality.


  1. Before using the high-pressure test pump, check whether the connection of each part is tight, whether the pressure gauge is normal, and whether the inlet and outlet pipes are installed. The working medium of the pump is water, emulsion or kinematic viscosity of 5~50.


  1. In order to improve the pressure test power, the container or equipment to be tested can be filled with water first, and then the outlet pipe of the pressure test pump can be filled with water.


  1. During the pressure test, if there is a lot of air in the water, unscrew the drain valve to let the air out.


  1. During the pressure test, if the phenomenon of slender water seepage is found, the operation should be stopped immediately for inspection and repair, and it is strictly forbidden to continue to increase the pressure in the state of water seepage.


  1. After the pressure test is over, loosen the drain valve first, and the pressure will drop to avoid damage to the pressure gauge.


  1. When the pressure test pump is not in use, discharge the water in the pump and inhale a small amount of oil to avoid corrosion.

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