Trelleborg adds global elastomer material


Trelleborg adds global elastomer material

Trelleborg adds global elastomer material


Trelleborg Sealing Solutions launched FoodPro E75F1, an elastomer sealing material.Get more news about Plast Recycling Maskine,you can vist our website!

FoodPro E75F1 is a shore EPDM universal sealing material for static and semi-dynamic food applications, such as separators, decanters, valves, pipe couplings and heat exchangers, in any type of seal design, from standard O-rings and gaskets to multicomponent parts. It combines with other rubber, plastic and metal materials, allowing for the creation of multicomponent products, which helps eliminate potential dead space where bacteria may grow, according to the company.
The material is compression and injection moldable into complex geometries and withstands surface imperfections in applications. It was developed specifically for use in high-temperature dairy processing, including infant formula, and complies with all major global food contact regulations.

"Processing equipment manufacturers can look to FoodPro E75F1 to meet their customers' needs because of its suitability for the widest range of applications," said Mikkel Moerup, global segment director of food and beverage at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. "They no longer need to specify sealing materials for each piece of equipment dependent on geographical use, process media and cleaning regimes."
Objective: The aim is to determine the perception of pain and discomfort by the patient during the placement of orthodontic separators. Methods: Elastomeric separators were placed mesially and distally to the first molars in 200 orthodontic patients, and the participants were given self administrated questionnaires to document perceived pain, type of pain felt, pain upon chewing, and the severity of pain's affecting daily life, using a visual analog scale for three days. Results: The mean perceived pain scores out of 100 on the first 3 days were:49.00±27.7 88.00±30.7 and 25.12±14.3 respectively; chewing pain scores were: 49.25± 33.49 ,78.80 ± 44.2, 31.21± 20.01,respectively; the pain's affecting daily life scores were16.7 ± 26.7,28.1± 38.7, 14.6±12.1, respectively. A Kruskal-Wallis test showed a statistically significant difference in the reported pain between the studied parameters. Conclusion: 51.7% of population reported pain after separator placement.88% of patients reported the maximum intensity of pain one day after separator placement. Intensity of pain reduced two days after separator placement.56.12% of patients had to change their food consistency.



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