Industrial water filters


Industrial water filtersIndustrial water filters

In the industry, water quality is increasingly important, one due to international standards to produce equipment and products with a higher degree of purity, and secondly due to the fact that the supply sources suffer from contamination due to population growth and that waste regulation is slower than the level of growth, especially in Latin American countries.Get more news about Best Price Water Filter Water Filter Element Production Equipment,you can vist our website!

What now involves us is improving the quality of the water we use and reusing the industrial waters that we dispose of. But let’s first go through the main concepts of this topic.
What are industrial water filters?
An industrial water filter is a system that involves a series of steps to remove unwanted material from the water used in industrial applications.

These materials include solid or dissolved particles or sediments, dissolved metals, chemicals, odors, minerals, and other impurities. The main function of industrial water filters is to protect human health if water is an important part of the product to be manufactured or a secondary ingredient, in addition to components or machinery in industrial applications.
How do industrial sediment water filters work?

Industrial solid sediment water filters can be surface filters that physically force water through a membrane or cartridge filter.

Another alternative is depth filters that have porous materials for the collection of impurities throughout the granular medium, such as anthracites, sands, zeolites, etc.

Surface filtration vs. depth.
The depth filters They are the most common for industrial water filtration because they have a greater capacity to hold dirt without having pressure drops and collapsing alternate systems.

Depth filters are also known as depth filters. deep bed. When pressurized fluid passes through the medium, they restrain contaminants either through attractive molecular forces or by direct collision. Different industrial applications have special requirements for a certain number and types of filters.

The cartridge or bag filters They can be used with multiple 7-cartridge holders where they allow the use of finer filtration (1 or 5 microns) than a deep-bed filter (15 to 25 microns). Cartridge filters or bag filters require more contrasting filter changes and greater care for changes in pressure differential so as not to collapse.

A team that has had a lot of boom are the disc filters, these allow large volumes of water without the need to make a constant change of cartridges, since they use cartridges formed by plastic discs, which do not suffer accelerated wear, which can last many more years than deep bed filters and on all cartridge that its life time is very short.

Furthermore, in disc filters Self-cleaning water savings are much less than deep-bed and can be automated and backwashing in sequence to avoid stopping filtered water production.



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