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According to the Japanese media Asahi Shimbun on the 30th of last month, Arano Rina was found dead in a forest in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, about two weeks after she went missing after leaving her house saying she was meeting friends. She was shocked to learn that at the time she was found she was naked and tied to a tree. She said police said she “appears to have been two weeks since she died. She is trying to determine the cause of death.”To get more news about 日韩欧美一品道, you can visit our official website.

Arano Rina did not return after leaving her home in Tokyo to tell her family that she was going to see friends. Her family reported her missing to the police three days after her Arano Lina disappeared, and the local police started a search on the 8th.

As a suspect, Sanpei Hiroyuki (33) was arrested. Arano texted Sanpei before disappearing, and he got into a car with him, and was caught on CCTV outside a train station in Ibaraki Prefecture.

The two were confirmed to have moved to Sanpei’s villa located in Ota City, Ibaraki Prefecture. Aranorina was in custody before her death, and a picture of her handcuffed to Aranorina was also found on her suspect’s cell phone.

The police arrested Sanpei on charges of kidnapping and detaining him, and an investigation is ongoing. He denied the allegations, claiming that “I took Arano to my villa, where he was handcuffed for a while, and then dropped it off at a nearby shop.” Regarding the photos found on his own cell phone, he said he was “taken with Arano’s consent.”



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