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Others are silent, Ye Xinmo saw riding a donkey to find a daughter-in-law's head and Xiaoxiao Xiaoxiao's head appeared on the trading sign, after a while, it was the turn of heaven Xiaoguang, and finally the spring was leisurely, but ordered several times. [Nearby] Spring is le

Sure enough, after three seconds, the extraordinary Zhai family faintly heard Qiaonan's vague voice: "Brother Zhai, you bastard!" "Miaomiao, it's getting late. You're tired for another day. Let's go back to our room and have a rest." Zhai Yaohui's face did not change color, half hugged Miao Liang back to the room. Although he and Miaomiao are at this age, they no longer need to have children, and the state does not allow them. However, he and Miaomiao can still do what they do to give birth to a child. Zhai Hua felt sad: "Grandpa, were you and I abandoned by them?" Zhai's face stiffened, and a trace of loneliness and nostalgia flashed through his eyes: "I haven't been abandoned. As it happens, Zhai Sheng got married today. I should hold your grandmother's picture and talk to your grandmother to make your grandmother happy." After Grandma Zhai was gone, from time to time, Mr. Zhai would hold his wife's photos and tell his wife about the situation at home. Today is a good day for Zhai Sheng to marry his wife, and a good day for them to have granddaughters-in-law. Chapter 1112 of the main text is the standard of choosing men. Mr. Zhai said that tonight, he also had something to do, and he had to tell his wife the good news and share the happiness with his wife. Mr. Zhai's situation is a little sad, but at least he is affectionate. Apart from her aunt, Zhai Hua, who was left alone in the living room, was so sad and indignant that she was "ruthless". She decided to ask someone to start the blind date from tomorrow. As for that Tian Dong, he was directly forgotten by Shi Qing. No one knows Zhai Hua's inner entanglement at this time, Zhai family has returned to the room, all in the "busy" one is not empty. Qiao Nan,glass cream jars, who was "pressed" to cry, scratched Zhai Sheng's back several times: "You, don't go too far.." Zhai Sheng breathed heavily: "Am I too much or are you too much? I went to Zhu's house, but I really won't come back." At the thought of staying alone in an empty room for several nights, Zhai Sheng could not help but move a little bigger, and the strength also increased a lot, provoking Qiaonan to bite him: "I told you long ago, it's better not to owe too much debt, otherwise,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, it's you who suffer." This man who has opened meat, if you let him hold it for a period of time, the "anger" in the man's body is really doubled than usual, which is terrible. You Bastard Qiaonan cried so hard that she couldn't shed tears. She found a man who was a soldier to be her husband. Everything was good, but it was not very good in this respect. Her physical strength was extraordinary, and her waist strength was too strong to kill her. Be good. Zhai Sheng half coaxed half to kiss Qiaonan several times: "Now we are husband and wife, this is the husband and wife duty that I want to do." Pay the public grain. Ah, Bah! Qiao Nan, who had been tossed about by Zhai Sheng and could not speak, wished he could kick Zhai Sheng off his body. Put on the military uniform, righteousness is pressing, take off the military uniform, hooligans are dead! The next day, seeing Qiaonan get up, the Zhai family was obviously surprised, especially Zhai Hua's eyes widened: "Zhai Sheng, did you become a vegetarian?" Just because of some things done before marriage, Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale ,Blue Bottle Serum, Qiaonan lived in the Zhu family, Zhai Sheng slept alone, but she looked at Zhai Sheng's face getting more and more smelly day by day. Do not know, on the face of Zhai Sheng, who can imagine, Zhai Sheng will soon get married to marry a wife. Zhai Hua's words did not cause Zhai Sheng's reaction, but Qiaonan was so angry that he could not help pinching Zhai Sheng's waist. In fact, if Qiaonan hadn't been too ashamed, she wouldn't have been able to get up today. God knows, when she first got up, she went to the ground to get dressed, and her legs trembled so much. Finally, Zhai Sheng in the end is distressed Qiaonan, but also can not withstand Qiaonan's wet eyes, for Qiaoman massage for half an hour. When the muscles on the body are relaxed a lot, Qiaonan can smoothly appear on the table of Zhai's family at breakfast time, so as not to lose face to the end. Mom, it seems that you have to ask your aunt to study it and stew some tonic soup for Zhai Sheng. Otherwise, I feel too wronged Qiaonan. After Zhai Sheng at home less time, rare at home, poor quality like this, hey. I guess I was stimulated last night. Zhai Hua, a big girl who is an armchair strategist, has no taboos when she drives. Even Zhai and Zhai Yaohui can't accept the yellow jokes. It's very unexpected. What are you looking at, or you. You did it! Miao Liang was so angry with Zhai Yaohui. Obviously is a daughter, the reason why so bold, not because the father-in-law and husband must send their daughter to the army. As far as the proportion of men and women in the army is concerned, Miao Liang is not surprised that her daughter will be corrupted like this. The difference is that before the daughter in front of them is still restrained, such topics will not be mentioned, there is no chance to mention. As soon as Qiaonan got married, she was like pressing a button on her daughter's body and completely liberated herself. Miao Liang has a headache to hold the forehead, such a daughter, even if the daughter has been willing to blind date, can the blind date man like Huahua? In this world, is there a man who can bring down Huahua? Nothing else, what Miao Liang fears most is that when her daughter opens her mouth, she scares the other party away directly, without even a follow-up. Although Zhai Hua said these words, are directed at Zhai Sheng, the problem is that every time Qiaonan inevitably lie gun ah. Qiao Nan, who almost buried her face in the bowl, could not help being angry and went back: "Brother Zhai, didn't the Dongzi you mentioned last time say that she was very beautiful?"? I think it's no use for a man to be beautiful. He has to be good at hands and feet. Sister Hua Hua's request for her other partner has already been mentioned. Whether it is that Dongzi, or other suitable for Huahua sister's object, you don't have to look at anything else, as long as you don't have the same virtue as Wei De, the first thing you have to test is the physical strength of the other side. Men who meet the physical requirements of Sister Hua Hua will not be considered. "Standard, what standard, what did I say?" Zhai Hua blinked his eyes and looked confused, but subconsciously felt that Qiaonan's words seemed to be a little angry. Qiaonan laughed, did not say the words too clearly, anyway, the people who should understand understand it. Yes,Glass Cream Jars, at an age, it is understandable that there will be such ideas and requirements. As a married person, Zhai Sheng received Qiaonan's instructions and immediately agreed to come down without even thinking about it.



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