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Others are silent, Ye Xinmo saw riding a donkey to find a daughter-in-law's head and Xiaoxiao Xiaoxiao's head appeared on the trading sign, after a while, it was the turn of heaven Xiaoguang, and finally the spring was leisurely, but ordered several times. [Nearby] Spring is le

When Li Chi answered other people's inquiries, he took time to glance at the position where Zhang Huan stood. At this time, Zhang Huan was no longer surrounded by people, and a man stood there with a restless expression. When I was talking with shopkeeper Xu in the county, he told me about it. Calculating the time, it should have been printed almost. Maybe in a few days, I will see it on the bookshelf of the Four Treasures Store. I will buy a copy and read your works. "That is, that is, I will definitely buy one at that time and read the excellent works of the county examination students in Hefu." "Of course, of course, we'll read to each other then." Chapter 25 On the ninth day of the fourth month, after the end of the poetry festival at Zhe Gui Lou, Li Chi left with Zhang He. Along the way, Li Chi talked and laughed with Zhang Huan without any difference, as if he had not noticed the little dark mind he had played at the poetry meeting. In fact, Li Chi is only adhering to the principle of "one less enemy", even if he has a grudge in his heart, or has regarded people as enemies, he will not choose to show it. But Zhang Huan this kind of in front of him to play with the tongue of the childish means, Li Chi only in the heart sneer at: "is really enough immature.". I don't know whether Zhang Yan overestimated his own language art and personality charm, thinking that he could incite people,Serum Bottle With Dropper, or underestimated Li Chi's intelligence quotient, thinking that he could not see his tricks? Two people go to the fork in the road to separate, each go back to the inn, Li Chi and Zhang Yi also exchanged the location of the inn. But after that, Zhang Yi did not go to Li Chi. Naturally, Li Chi did not invite him to go to Zhe Gui Lou. In the next few days, Li Chi would go to Zhe Gui Lou every day, not always reciting poems,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, but also exchanging some imperial examination experience from time to time. In this way, he and the students who went to Zhe Gui Lou in the past few days also became familiar with each other. It was not until April 14, the day before the opening of the government examination, that Li Chi stopped going out and spent the whole day sitting and meditating in the inn room. On this day, Li Chi recited the Four Books and Five Classics and their annotated versions silently again, and then roughly recalled the questions he had practiced. Finally, he deduced the situation of the government examination several times in advance in his mind, until he felt that he had a good grasp of the government examination. On April 15, the government examination was officially opened. The government examination and the county examination are almost the same in terms of the timing of the examination. The examination begins at Chen Shi, and officially opens at Si Shi. The examination papers are handed in before Ri Shi Shi (You Shi), and the examination is held once a day for three consecutive days. In terms of the content and form of the examination, it is not much different from the county examination. The examiners set the imperial examination books, the Four Books and Five Classics, and the three examinations are Tie Jing, 30ml Dropper Bottle ,oil dropper bottle, Mo Yi and Ce Wen. The process of checking admission is the same, but it is more stringent. This time Li Chi brought dry food and steamed buns, which were cut into small pieces. Although he was left with clothes and trousers to cover up his shame when he was searched, his whole body was patted and touched as if he had passed the security check in a previous life. In fact, in these arrangements, the entire children's examination, including the county examination, the government examination and the hospital examination, are almost the same. Although the government examination is similar in these aspects, it is progressive in the connotation of the examination paper, that is, the difficulty of the examination questions. Just like the same Chinese reading passage, the questions given to junior high school students are totally different from those given to senior high school students, college students, master's students and even doctoral students. As soon as the time came, the Gong sounded for the examination. Like the county examination, the magistrate took the lead and began to issue examination papers and answer sheets. Because Li Chi was the head of the case in Mianyang County, together with the heads of the other four counties, he sat in the first row of rooms in the magistrate's present, so he was one of the fastest people to get the examination papers. The format of the examination papers and answer sheets is the same as that of the county examination, except that the number of questions has been reduced from 200 to 150. Li Chi browsed the title and found that there was nothing that could not be written from memory. Only then did his mood stabilize: "Tie Jing is sure of this subject.". Li Chi kept in mind the teaching motto of "for the sake of the mountain, fall short of success", even though he felt sure to win the post, but also without the slightest carelessness. Still as careful as the county examination, first write the answer in mind, and confirm the correct way to write each word, and then write the answer. Li Chi thought about what was the government examination, so he brought dry food. As a result, because the number of questions was only one hundred and fifty, he finished it earlier than the county examination. If you hand in the paper and leave after finishing it, the dry food will be useless. Before noon, Li Chi had already finished writing. After he stopped writing, he read the answer silently again. There was no wrong position, no missing words and wrong words. Each word was a centimeter-sized "Taige Style". The font was beautiful and elegant, and the paper was very neat and beautiful. After checking it again and confirming that the answer was correct, Li Chi motioned to hand in the paper. After seeing Li Chi's signal, the magistrate sitting on the head got up and came over, "What's the matter?" "The student requested to hand in the paper." Li Chi's hands presented the answer sheet that had been folded into a fold. As soon as Li Chi's words came out, there was a sound like an object falling to the ground in the next room. Hearing this, the magistrate took a deep look at Li Chi. Since he is the head of the county case, he should not give up in advance because he can't answer the questions. Get the seal and the paste. The magistrate took the seal and paste handed over by the document and sealed the answer sheet in front of Li Chi. Now that you have handed in your paper, leave as soon as possible and do not stay and make a noise. "Yes, the student is retiring." When Li Chi left the room next door, the examinee sitting inside watched him walk for a while with sweat on his forehead. The same is true of Moyi and Cewengchang after that. Even though Li Chi ate the dry food he had brought with him and did not hand in his papers until three quarters after noon, he was the first examinee to hand in his papers in the whole examination room. Every time Li Chi handed in his papers early and passed the room next door, he could be treated with courtesy by the slightly flustered examinees inside. In the end, Li Chi felt that the person might be annoyed with him. Just like the big and small exams in previous lives,Amber Dropper Bottles, although it was Li Chi's turn to watch others hand in their papers in advance, he also hated others handing in their papers in advance, which would make him feel a little flustered and anxious.



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