Best fingerprint smart door locks that don’t need a key


Best fingerprint smart door locks that don’t need a key

Best fingerprint smart door locks that don’t need a key

Smart locks make it much simpler to gain access to a home. Doors can open from an app, and even from just touching the lock or door. These smart door locks open either via a fingerprint, using a biometric technology that identifies a specific person, or by connecting to an app. And some allow you to use voice commands to lock and maybe unlock your smart door lock.To get more news about wifi Fingerprint Smart Door lock, you can visit official website.

We've seen this technology used on other devices, from biometric gym and bike locks for example. Here, though, they can help someone unlock a door at work, at home or even at a trusted friend's space.Kwikset is no stranger to fingerprint smart locks. The Kevo Touch-to-Open Bluetooth smart lock and the 2nd Gen were on our list but both have been discontinued. Kwikset has a fingerprint smart lock to replace the Kevo Touch and its their Halo Touch Fingerprint Wi-Fi enabled smart lock. It too can open after it's been touched, and then connects with a mobile app on a smartphone. But it can also lock and unlock your door using a few other options: keys and voice commands. The Halo Touch is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant enabled devices. Users can use voice commands to lock the smart lock but can only use voice commands with Google Assistant enabled devices and a PIN to unlock the Halo Touch.

The Halo Touch Fingerprint Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Lock comes in two designs - contemporary and traditional - as well as two finishes - satin nickel and matte black. This fingerprint smart lock is available online via Amazon, You can also get it at retail locations. The cost is $249 for matte black and $241 for satin nickel finishes.
Lockly is a manufacturer of smart locks with industry-leading biometric fingerprint sensor. This technology is built-in to their smart locks as well as smart locks that can double as a video doorbell. This year, the company released their new Lockly Vision Elite ($499) combines the most popular home security solutions into a sleek, secure device. An evolution of its predecessor, Vision Elite features 1080p streaming/recorded video quality, an all-new night vision mode, motion detection with AI false alert prevention, and even an integrated solar panel to help keep the battery charged. Vision Elite also features Lockly’s patented PIN Genie rotating keypad, and so much more.

In addition to its line of combo smart locks/video doorbell, Lockly has a full lineup of smart locks with a fingerprint sensor and unique touchscreen technology. For only the $249.99, there is the Lockly Secure Plus smart locks and Lockly Secure Pro lines start at $299. Each has a sensor on the side of the lock but with the Secure Plus, you can actually select either a right reader or a left one instead. The Pro version only comes with the reader on the righthand side. We've tested these locks — and installed it as well — giving it high marks for how well its made, and how the lock works with most standard doors. They are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant enabled devices.



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