How to Get FFXIV Gil In-Game?


Read our blog to learn how to get FFXIV Gil in-game.

If you are a new player in FFXIV searching for ways to increase your gaming currency then you are in the right place. Below, we have mentioned a few ways to get FFXIV Gils. 


FFXIV Farming

This is the most common way. It involves different activities – killing monsters to get a decent amount of Gil or finding some treasures that will give you FFXIV items and money. The higher the monster's level, the more Gil you will receive. 



FATE's are unique quests that can be found throughout Eorzea. They are identified by a purple icon. You'll almost certainly have to kill a large number of enemies in a short period. Completing FATEs will provide you with experience points and Gil.



Duties are instances that run alongside the main scenario quest. You can complete these missions alone or with other players. Duties are classified into several types: Dungeons, Raids, Trials, Guildhests, and so on.


Duty Roulette

This is a unique feature accessible via the Duty Finder. You can do randomized tasks like Level 50/60/70/80 dungeons, frontline, and mentor.



You can create any type of equipment or gear and then sell it to other players directly, face to face, or through the Market Board, which we'll discuss later. You can sell these items to buyers outside of the game as well!


Selling Items in the Market Board

Selling items on the Market Board is a good way to get FFXIV Gil. This method allows you to obtain cheap FFXIV Gil more quickly. Simply offer your raw materials, ore, furniture, concoctions, or whatever you want to Retainers, who are NPCs who will complete this task for you.


Buying Gils:


This is the last easy method to get gaming currency. If you don't have time to get them then you buy FFXIV Gil from MMOPIXEL. We are the most secure marketplace that sells gaming Gil at the cheapest prices. To get the benefit, place an order now!




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