What is Drip Tip? The reason why Drip Tip is loved by Vape people


What is Drip Tip Vape? The story begins with early e-cigarettes. These e-cigarettes have a burner that uses a rudimentary mouthpiece.

What is Drip Tip? 
What is Drip Tip Vape? The story begins with early e-cigarettes. These e-cigarettes have a burner that uses a rudimentary mouthpiece. When you want to smoke, you have to remove the mouthpiece to fill the burner with essential oil. However, with the appearance of the Drip Tip, you only need to drip essential oils through the small hole and enjoy the delicious smoke flavors without having to remove sophisticated accessories. So what is Drip Tip ?

What is Drip Tip?

Simply put, the Drip Tip is an accessory of an electronic cigarette Vape. This accessory is mounted on the burner, to be able to smoke you just need to drop the essential oil through the hole of the Drip Tip. Just perform such a simple operation, you can comfortably suck. This product has many different designs, materials and designs are also diversified and increasingly popular.

This accessory is relatively small but can create very special smoke shows. Early Drip Tips were usually made of synthetic resin and were meant to be used only once. Later, the popularity of e-cigarettes exploded, new devices were born and Drip Tip improved with better materials with a variety of materials from high-end to affordable to serve the majority of needs. of Vape players.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Drip Tip?
The advantage of the Drip Tip is that instead of refilling the essential oil chambers with essential oil, you will pour the essential oil onto the coils and directly smoke. This way of smoking can create a new feeling, a more unique taste. The more smoke part, the higher the sense of satisfaction. Many people report that they feel the Drip Tip provides powerful bursts, you can smoke a lot of flavors at once without changing the cartridge. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Drip Tip?

The downside of DripTiping is that very little of the essential oil can be retained in the oil chamber. After each smoking, you will have to add essential oil because the oil will run out very quickly. Of course, not every smoker likes this type of oil filling. If you want to create classy smoke tricks or artistic smoke moves, you need to put in a lot of time and energy and ingenuity. The movement to use Driptip is increasingly popular, many people have affirmed that Driptip not only brings convenience but also brings an extremely attractive scent with very classy smoke screens. 

The most popular Drip Tip materials today
To serve the smoking needs as well as the preferences of Vape players, manufacturers have used a lot of different materials to create Driptip. Some commonly used materials are:

Plastic drip tips are the most common type of drip tip. The advantage of this type of accessory is that it is cheap, suitable for the general economic conditions of many people. Nowadays, people often use grade plastics. This plastic material allows you to smoke vape at high temperature and power without burning your lips. Some types of materials to mention are: Delrin, Teflon, Ultem, ...

Metallic drip tips are also quite popular. Most of these accessories will be made from steel or aluminum. This type of drip tip has very good thermal conductivity. However, many people who used to smoke vape using metal drip tips have reviewed that this type of drip tip can make the taste of essential oils more or less affected. 

If you like to try new and delicious essential oils, the glass drip tips can meet this need well. Moreover, this type of accessory can have many unique and eye-catching shapes. High-end, expensive essential oils will become more delicious when smoked through glass drip tips. However, their disadvantage is that they are relatively expensive and fragile. 

If you like artistic things, the stone Driptip will surprise you. The advantage of this type of Driptip is good heat resistance, quite fancy and attractive shape.



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