Moving essentials you need to arrange for your upcoming move

Moving day is the most stressful and busy day of the whole process. It is the day that is the result of your hard work of so many days.


Moving day is the most stressful and busy day of the whole process. It is the day that is the result of your hard work of so many days. It is very important to be mentally prepared forit, at the same time it is not enough to experience a smooth and problem free moving day. You have to prepare all the essential things as well.

That is the reason it is advisable to hire Agarwal packers and movers ltd for a smooth and safe move.

Here is the list of essentials that you need to arrange on the moving day:

1. Toolbox with all the basic tools

Undoubtedly, it is very important to arrange for some of the basic tools for the day of the move for some disassembling or unscrewing purposes.

• Measuring tape. Will your large furniture fit through the door?

• Make sure there is a measuring tape in your tools box for measuring all the large and hefty items

• There should be a pair of scissors to cut the packing supplies

• A box cutter to cut the moving boxes as per the need

• Screwdrivers to assemble and disassemble your furniture

2. Documents

While relocating, it is very important to create a special box of essentials in which you can keep all the belongings that are super important. This box will help you to survive by the time everything gets arranged in the new house.

This box will also include all the important document of you and your family like IDs, licenses, medical records, birth certificates and the like.

All the move related documents of current house and the new house.

3. Medications

It is strongly advised to pack your medicines before you move out from your house because medicines are something that you get everywhere when you are in transit. So, it is important that you move with all the medications for all the family members.

Don’t forget to take all the prescriptions of medications along with you because if you see any other doctor at your new location then he/she will judge your health history on the basis of your health only. Also, take the first aid kit with you so that by any chance anybody faces anything you can at least provide them with the first aid kit. If anybody in the house wears lenses then provide them with that as well

4. Toiletries

Carry all your toiletries along with you on the moving day. It is very important to pack them in the moving kit. Don’t pack the toiletries in cardboard boxes because you will need your toiletries so that you are able to use them in the morning before moving out from your current house.

• Tooth brush and tooth paste

• Hairbrush and comb

• Hair conditioner and shampoo

• Creams and skin care routine

• Soap and detergent

• Personal care items and deodorants

• Towels, wipes and toilet paper

5. Eatables and energy drinks

Moving day is the most exhausting period because you have to do a lot of physical work for the safeguard of your belongings. That is the reason it is very important to keep yourself hydrated and energized all the time.

Even if you have hired professional movers to execute the move for you, then you should arrange for some easy to grab snacks and some energizing drinks for movers as well because they are working for you.

If you don’t believe in eating snacks or anything friend then you can arrange for some dry fruits, healthy snacks, homemade sandwiches or something.

6. Extra pair of clothes

When you have had a tiring day with so much of physical work including dragging, lifting, loading and unloading then you feel like changing your clothes and washing your face to take a sigh of relief.

So make sure you pack at least one pair for everybody in the house and if you are relocating with kids then keep some hand towels as well because they are going to create a mess many times during the process.

7. Things that are majorly essential for your kids

When moving with your kids, then you will have to prepare a separate box of essentials just for them. Being a parent, it your duty to keep your kids safe protected throughout the move. that is the reason it is very important to prepare the list of essentials that your baby needs.

Pack specific items according to the age of your children like baby items, toys, essential clothing, books and the like. it is important to keep them safe as well as occupied so that you are also able to focus on all the move related work.

8. Essentials for your pet

If you have a furry friend then it is as important to take care of its essentialities as you do for any other family member of the house. If it doesn’t get all the essential things for a day then it can get ill. Then taking them to vets at the time of relocation and finding one in the new area has its own set of disadvantages.

It is very important to make your pet feel less stressed and secured because pet generally sense the changes. They start behaving abruptly when they see that their routine is not same as it used to be before or their master is stressed because of the big change that is going to take place in their life.

9. Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies are something that is very essential while relocating. At the end, you will definitely want to get back the security deposit that you must have kept at the time of renting or you would want to sell the house and for that you have to leave it neat and clean.

These are some of the essential thing that you need to prepare for your move even if you are moving with Agarwal packers.

Have a happy and safe move!