Mom, give me a kiss.


When I came back from Taipei, it was my turn to be accompanied by my mother in the hospital today.

When I came back from Taipei, it was my turn to be accompanied by my mother in the hospital today. These days, the business of my family's pharmacy is very bad. My mother is not here, and she has lost a lot of customers who like to chat and gossip. The turnover is low. Sometimes I write a novel in the storefront on the first floor, and I don't see the so-called customers all afternoon. There are only two or three kittens left who come to my house to get medicine with a prescription from the National Health Insurance. In fact, we brothers have been thinking about whether we should take advantage of the poor turnover of the pharmacy to let Dad and Mom start thinking seriously about retirement and stop being so tired. Every day, the store opens at nine o'clock and closes at ten o'clock. It's hard to work when there are too many customers, and it's hard to work when there are too few customers. No matter from the perspective of sociology, psychology or economics, it's not a cost-effective thing. The rest of the family's debt, as long as there are no sudden complications, five million divided by three, I don't think it's a big deal. I returned to Changhua from Taipei late last night. As for why I went to Taipei, I made a special trip to see a movie with a hairy dog. I haven't watched a movie with Shaggy Dog for a long time. I picked up a fantasy movie "Thriller Space" which is not very creative but pretty good. After watching it, I ate in the comfortable open-air Starbucks upstairs in Breeze Square and talked about my fantasy movie dream that I really want to realize. I haven't told Mao about my novel inspiration for a long time. I had a little try, but it was still very easy. Mao told me to draw the inspiration cloth into a complete novel to protect the copyright, and predicted that I would win the International Fantasy Film Award. Ah, it would be better if it went so smoothly, but it still inspired me. So I couldn't help but turn on my laptop and show Mao my latest killer story, "Killer,ultrasonic cutting machine, Corner," and then coyly admire Mao's expression. Mao saw tears, I think it should be great, ha ha. It's 2:20 in the morning, and Mom is in bed, and she hasn't been asleep since she woke up an hour ago. On the twelfth day, the results of today's blood test show that the available white blood cells are about 500 per unit,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, the platelets are 70000, and the hemoglobin is 8.4. Mom doesn't have a fever. Everything is going well. I wanted to write something about my mother very deliberately, so I remembered a picture. For the sake of our school work, mom can be a "very receptive" mom. Generally speaking, my mother would collect all the reference books, textbooks, and even all kinds of exercise books used by my brother. When I reached my brother's age at that time, besides having my own reference books, I had to finish reading his textbooks at that time. If the homework that evening was a math exercise, my mother would take the version that my brother had finished in the past as the answer. When I finished it, my mother would put the two old and new exercises together and correct them one step ahead of the teacher. If I'm wrong, I need to know why right now, not tomorrow. How am I supposed to know why? Ask your brother? Of course not. I have to bother my mother to teach me. However, in order to let my mother go to bed early, ultrasonic metal welding ,ultrasonic generator driver, I would sometimes take advantage of my mother's inattention to steal my brother's exercise book and copy it directly, so as to complete my elementary school studies in the most efficient way. In addition to exercises and reference books, my mother would also leave all of my brother's examination papers, re-prepare each answer on another piece of white paper or on the back of the examination paper, then erase the answers written in pencil with an eraser, and ask me to write them again, and finally discuss the standard answers, correct and review them. Usually on the eve of the exam, on the eve of the monthly exam, all have to follow, as a sand table deduction. Frankly, I'm bored to death. In retrospect, I didn't die of bad grades, but I didn't complain too much about the heavy education and training I received, not because my mother was very hard to collect all kinds of information, but because I had a brother who had to finish all the examination papers left by my brother and me. For the sake of schoolwork, there is one thing that touches me so much. Our country's homework is very bad, very bad, how a bad way to use data to express is the most clear. There are more than 520 students in the first grade of the school. I killed 486 students in the first monthly exam. If I rearrange the class according to the results, I will definitely be the first good student in the last class of cattle herding. There were six monthly exams in the first semester and the second semester. I didn't pass the math exam once. The closest one was the first monthly exam. I got 48 points, which was the limit. From then on, I know that my math is the best of the worst. But at that time, I was in the art class, and I didn't care much about my poor grades. After all, my wish was to be a very powerful cartoonist, so powerful that even in Japan, the holy land of comics, it was also very powerful. Based on the fact that my cartoon skills are so strong, I regard my academic achievements as nothing. I draw cartoons in class and after class, and serialize them for my classmates to read under the table. If I can do well in math in this high-spirited atmosphere, I must be a gifted child. But it's not. I'm not a genius, and I'm far away from those two words. But mom doesn't think so. When I was airdropped to a cram school but still couldn't improve my grades, my mother went off herself and tried to teach Chinese high school mathematics. At that time, I was really a donkey, and just the four words "negative gets positive" were enough to destroy the logical mechanism in my mind. To tell you the truth, I still can't accept the mathematical concept of "negative gets positive," so I can't understand "negative gets negative" and "positive gets negative.". It doesn't work at all! So even if I recite it, I don't know how to apply it to the formula and solve the correct answer. In fact, my mother didn't really understand the fallacy of "negative gets positive," but she just kept learning and then taught me. Mom first succeeded in solving a formula, confirming that there was no coincidence in the process, and then asked me to slowly deconstruct the formula and find out the details of my mistakes. Mom watched me practice until she was sure I didn't get the right answer by coincidence. Then she went to bed. My God, that's really terrible spiritual oppression. And my mother made me feel stupid. A boy who farts all day lost his understanding of mathematics to a wife who had to help with the shop, laundry and cooking. It was a big blow,ultrasonic cutting machine, but I had to admit that I was really stupid. But now that I think about it, mom is so cute. Nine Knives Cinema.. Mom, give me a kiss. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11.。



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