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Aunt Li seemed to speak lightly, but she was the closest person to Master Qi in the inner house.

Aunt Li seemed to speak lightly, but she was the closest person to Master Qi in the inner house. If she blows some wind in Master Qi's ear, things can be big or small. Xun Qing Ran remembered that he had just come back from Pingxi Town and was the first lady to see the malt. What Mrs. Qi said at that time, now that I think about it, every sentence really has a profound meaning. I'm afraid that at that time, there was such a saying as "helping the girl rob her own sister's marriage", and Aunt Li believed it was true, how could she say good things about her and Qi You in front of Master Qi. Mrs. Qi really did everything she could. And this kind of means and tricks, it is Xun Qing Ran most disdain to use, but also the most annoying, but also the most impossible to guard against in the crowd. A family like ours has a large family and a large population. People's hearts are unpredictable, and many people talk too much. There are always'smart people 'who confound black and white and move right and wrong, and there are always people who will believe it. It's really boring and impossible to guard against. Xun Qing Ran sighed. That's why I like small families. Qi Wanli said. Xun Qing Ran looked at Qi Wanli. Qi Wanli is in charge of the huge Hou Fu, and now Fang Xin's eldest son has married a daughter-in-law, and Qi Wanli is only a few years old, the other two concubines have to marry one after another, Fang Xin's concubine room, as well as the following so many maids and so on,ultrasonic molten metal, Qi Wanli this must be inspired. I am not. Xun Qing dye heart has Qi Ran, although the days of Pingxi town is not peaceful, but compared to now, it is too desirable. Both of them were stunned for a moment, and neither of them spoke. It's all right now. Or Xun Qing ran first laughed, "your pay, finally see the return." She and Qi Wanli never cut off contact,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, even in the town of Pingxi, is also a constant exchange of letters. She knows most of the things that Qi Wanli has gone through and the efforts she has made. Needless to say, Qi Wanli's gentleness and virtue in the letter to the other party, such as taking care of the sick official brother, disciplining Bao Jie without avoiding suspicion, taking pains to manage the housework, taking care of her eldest son's marriage, inviting famous Confucian scholars to guide her two concubines, and so on. Looking at Qi Wanli's style today, as well as what she had just done, she knew that Fang Xin was now almost obedient to Qi Wanli. Official elder brother is Qi Wanli as a biological mother, is the most difficult treasure sister, now the most admired person, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,sonicator homogenizer, is also Qi Wanli this stepmother. ...... The Marriage of the Fifth Brother The old lady seems to have a candidate for that.. "Qi Wanli said.". Xun Qing Ran nodded, "I just don't know which one..". Can it be done? 。” In the past, Qi Yi's marriage was just a word from Rong Shi, but now.. Mrs. Qi obviously has her own plan for Qi Yi's marriage, and it is unknown whether she will follow Rong Shi's meaning in the end. Two people chatted a lot of things, until a girl came to say that the banquet was ready, and then came to Yinian Ju. Both Qi Wanli and Fang Xin had dinner at the Qi Mansion and did not leave until dusk. Rong Shi took Qi Wanli and Xun Qingran's hands and smiled with relief. When Mrs. Qi returned to the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, she was so angry that she couldn't even drink the tea. She repeatedly said that her wings were hard and she had forgotten the root. Then the little girl who did not know what was going on heard it and came out to teach. When Xun Qingran heard this, he just smiled and told Mammy Xu and the others to pay more attention to Aunt Zhou. I don't think there will be any big moves, but if it's a little awkward, we can help secretly, and it won't matter. …… Xun Qing Ran's carriage stopped in front of the second gate of Xun Fu, and Xun Junhui came forward to help Xun Qing Ran out of the carriage. Sister, slow down. Xun Junhui was very careful, for fear that Xun Qing would get hurt. It doesn't matter. Xun Qing dyed the way. "Greetings to the third aunt." Cai Luan also took people out of the inner courtyard. Xun Qing Ran waved his hand and asked Cai Luan to get up. "What happened to the master? The messenger didn't make it clear, which made people feel uncertain." Xun Qingran asked as he walked into the yard. When my sister went to see it, she would know. Xun Junhui said. Xun Qing took one look at his younger brother and refused to ask any more questions. Granny there? Xun Qing Ran turned his head and asked Cai Luan. The madam called the eldest grandmother to speak, I do not know why some temper, the eldest grandmother can not get away, ordered the maidservant to serve the aunt. Cai Luan said with a smile. You go to serve the grandmother, and you won't be needed here. Xun Qing Ran ordered. "Granny is worried that the master is short of hands, so the maidservant should go over and serve him." Cai Luan refused to leave. The master was served by a free person, and when he wanted to employ someone, he naturally sent someone to look for his sister-in-law. You go ahead. Xun Junhui said. Cai Luan hesitated for a moment, but when he saw that the two of them were resolute, he bowed his knees and retired. What's the matter with your lordship? Without outsiders, Xun Qing Ran asked Xun Junhui again. Father is in good health. Xun Junhui answered in a low voice, "he said he wanted his sister to come back and have something to say." "Oh." Xun Qing ran oh, "madam now, still difficult for big grandma?" "Madame is now, somehow, sometimes confused, sometimes understanding, and has long since ceased to be in charge." Xun Junhui said. Xun Qing Ran nodded, it seems that what Cai Luan said just now is just an excuse. The sister and brother went straight to the study, and a girl had already gone in to report. When Xun Qingran walked into the study, Master Xun was sitting behind the desk and writing vigorously. The sister and brother came forward to say hello. Is Father all right? "I'm fine." Master Xun put down his pen. "I just want you to come back. I have something to ask you.". Sit down and talk. The sister and brother sat down on the chair, and the little girl brought the fragrant tea and went out. Guye's life experience has been widely spread, but is it true? Master Xun didn't beat around the Bush and asked directly. It's just a rumor made by someone in the family because of jealousy. Xun Qing Ran said that it was the official version of the answer of Qi Fu. And you hid it for him! Master Xun said, "If it's just a man-made rumor, with the power of the Qi government,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, it would have subsided long ago, and how to make it known to everyone.". All those unspeakable words are really infuriating. Master Xun was obviously very angry. Unexpectedly, there are unbearable words? How far has this rumor gone? "What is it?" Xun Qing Ran asked. fycgsonic.com



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