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Although they have old people and children, they include Chivalrous Song and Long Jianhui,

Although they have old people and children, they include Chivalrous Song and Long Jianhui, professional soldiers in the mainland. No one dares to despise this team! By means of guerrilla tactics. The Afghans fought nine bitter wars against the Soviet Union, the most powerful country at that time. Eventually, the whole Soviet army was withdrawn, ending their "holy war". Half a million Afghans have died in the nine-year war, and more than four million residents have sought refuge in Pakistan, Iran and other countries. But they also wiped out 14,000 Soviet soldiers. This is a strange army that has experienced and grown up in the flames of war and has tenacious vitality! Now the war between Afghanistan and the Soviet Union has become a passing cloud, but the Afghan guerrillas who grew up in the war have not been disbanded. They continue to be active on the world stage, and it is not known when the Afghan guerrillas have been associated with the ignominious title of the headquarters of international terrorists. Walking behind are the members of the "East Turkistan Liberation Organization," most of whom are Uighurs whose faces are covered with white gauze. Like the Afghan guerrillas,65 inch smart board, they do not have standard clothes, nor do they have standard weapons. Some of them even carry a big knife on their bodies. These people are more rabble than the Afghan guerrillas. Only more than fifty people were divided into four or five small groups to do things their own way. As instructor Long Jianhui told us, the core cohesion of these terrorists is extremely low, they lack talents who have received higher knowledge education, and they like to form small factions and small groups. As long as the core members of the East Turkistan Liberation Organization,86 smart board, who have huge financial support through drug trafficking abroad, are killed, their mob may be scattered immediately. Amira walked at the rear of the team, and Chivalrous Song easily locked the scope on the four or five bodyguard-type terrorists. On the target with a big tent beard on his face. Comparing the photo with the target he locked in the scope again, Chivalrous Song reported in a low voice: "The eye lock is confirmed, the distance is 1200 meters!" Zhao Haiping and another sniper adjusted the default distance of 600 on the gauge of their 85 sniper rifle to the maximum. They all opened their eyes wide and watched Amira walk to their ambush point little by little. When they heard Chivalrous Song's command to "fire", they almost pulled the trigger in their hands. At the same time when Chivalrous Song gave the order to "open fire", there was a sudden feeling of uneasiness in his heart. This feeling appeared when he slipped down from the tree and fell into the encirclement of wild boars and Bengal tigers. It appeared when he slept in the tropical rainforest and a poisonous snake that could stop his heart beating in 30 seconds approached him. This is the instinctive intuition of a soldier in the face of unpredictable danger. But the order to fire had been given, and there was no room for redemption. Chivalrous Song gritted his teeth and pulled the trigger of the sniper rifle. Bang! Chivalrous Song's body trembled fiercely, interactive panel board ,75 smart board, and a strong wave of air mixed with a large amount of smoke of gunpowder burst out from the muzzle of big bore anti-material sniper rifles. A mercury eccentric bullet with a diameter of 20 millimeters and a length of 85.3 millimeters was fired at Amira, who was 800 meters away from him. For Chivalrous Song, this distance is almost the distance of every shot! But at the moment when the three snipers pulled their fingers, Amira suddenly fell down like a prophet. Two bullets fired by 85 sniper rifles hit the hard rocks, splashing a fierce spark, but the bullet fired by Chivalrous Song hit a big tree behind Amira, which was as thick as a bowl as if it had been cut by an invisible sword, and in the loud noise, the nearly one-meter-long trunk was instantly blown into countless sawdust. Scattered in the cold and silent air! No shot! Chivalrous Song's face was as gloomy as water. He quickly pulled the bolt, and a cartridge case four or five centimeters long jumped out of the chamber. It made a beautiful somersault in the air and fell gently to Chivalrous Song's side. The mouth of the cartridge case, which was slanting at an angle of 45 degrees to the sky, was still emitting light smoke. Zhao Haiping suddenly let out a cry of surprise: "His movements are so fast!" Amira's whole person, like a pre-rehearsal of the Chivalrous Song, quickly fell to the ground, but he did not have the necessary action of looking around, at the moment he fell down. He gave the floor a hard kick with both feet. His whole body contains explosive muscles, which provide him with a powerful sprint in an instant, and his whole body only relies on this sprint. He moved seven meters forward quickly with a snake-like movement! It was not until he really sniped a special master who could strengthen all kinds of military actions to one or two times per second that Zhao Haiping was discouraged to find that the bullet in his hand, which could fire 30 rounds per minute, was always shot at the back of the opponent's body in vain. Amira had already rolled past the pre-set second sniping golden spot of Chivalrous Song, and his body immediately regained its balance and sprint speed with a slight stagnation. At that moment, the anti-equipment sniper rifle in Chivalrous Singer rang again. The distance between life and death, in this moment that may be only 0.01 seconds, got the judgment of death! "Boom!" The high-explosive incendiary bomb specially used for the guns of the former World War II German fighter planes, which could inflict heavy damage on a large area of soft targets on the human body, severely hit the rocky beach where Amira had just passed, and a cloud of gunpowder smoke rose into the sky. The solid combustion medium mixed with magnesium powder took the impact point as the core, and instantly covered the surrounding area of several meters with an indiscriminate flame. Watching Amira's whole body with fire rolling into the ditch where the chivalrous song presupposes the mines. Yue Haiping almost jumped up and cheered: "Success!" But at this time, Zhao Haiping heard the order of Chivalrous Song: "Chase!" In Zhao Haiping's dumbfounded gaze, Chivalrous Song unexpectedly carried the big bore anti-material rifle weighing up to 26 kilograms in his left hand,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, pulled out the MP5 submachine gun he had been inserting behind his back in his right hand, jumped out of the hidden place, and ran forward at a terrible sprint speed like a cheetah. The mine in the ditch.. There was no explosion!. hsdsmartboard.com



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