Black Count of the Pirate


There was a sudden gasp of panic in the naval group, as if it had just reacted. Kaido is a dragon,

There was a sudden gasp of panic in the naval group, as if it had just reacted. Kaido is a dragon, this is not a secret in the navy, on the contrary, he is not a person, this is a lot of people care about, after so much torture and criminal law, the navy and the world government do not know how many methods used to try to kill him, but it did not work, and it is absurd that the guy actually committed suicide, but how can not die. So whether Kaido is a person or not is still open to question. There was a continuous shock of suffocation in the navy, and everyone felt a shuddering illusion, even through the projection screen, it seemed that they could still feel the ferocious and horrible breath. The huge long monster still in the air exudes a fierce breath. The horn resembles a deer, the head resembles an ox, the eyes resemble a shrimp, the mouth resembles a donkey, the belly resembles a snake, the scales resemble a fish, the feet resemble a phoenix, the whiskers resemble a human being,digital interactive whiteboard, and the ears resemble an elephant. This is what Kaido looks like when it turns into a dragon. It can be said that Kaido is domineering and powerful. Near the body of Kaido's dragon, there is a white air flow like a cloud. Boom. As if in the distant sky came a strong sound of air flow, through the projection screen into the ears of the people, the viewer's face showed a dignified expression. At this time, the picture in the projection screen suddenly changed. Kaido raised the head of the dragon, and the overbearing eyes of the dragon swept over Karp and Warring States, and then moved to the huge buildings in the distance. The dragon rose from the clouds,interactive flat panel display, and the air flow between its breaths surged like a haze, blowing down the buildings in all directions immediately. At that moment, Kaido stood up and rushed into the sky like a rainbow. Kaido's huge body stayed high in the sky, and the dragon's eyes looked down at the whole Malin Fando. After a moment, the dragon's head was raised, its body was bent, its long tail was thrown over Malin Fando, and then its claws were stretched and its mouth was opened. There seems to be a roar brewing. After the turbulent flame energy emerged in the mouth, it suddenly compressed into a huge fireball and rushed to the core building of the Navy Headquarters. Hot breath! Roar. Even through the projection screen, the sound of hissing can be felt clearly. The dragon hovered in the air of kilometers high, as if it was a mythological scene. The huge fireball rushed towards the largest building of the headquarters and was about to hit it. But at that moment, a huge golden Buddha appeared not far away. The whole body of the inflated Buddha was made of metal, and there was a solemn atmosphere in his eyes. Then the Buddha immediately moved, closed his palms, clenched his fists, classroom interactive whiteboard ,smartboard for business, and assumed a fighting posture at one go. Kaido. There was a huge roar from the Buddha's mouth, like a divine thunder falling in nine days. After that, the metal Buddha, tens of meters high, turned his fist into a palm and clapped his breath directly at the flames. Shock wave! An archetypal air burst from the huge palm of the Buddha, as if it was about to burst the air, so the air suddenly condensed and crashed into the flames. Boom. The loud noise spread in the sky, the destructive airflow accompanied by hot flames fell from the sky, and Kaido's hot breath was immediately blocked. Kaido's dragon was a little stunned when he saw this behind the scenes, but he didn't care too much about it. It was just a hot breath, and he could spit out countless hot breaths at any time. Kaido roared, the dragon sang all over the sky, then opened his mouth and spat, and more than a dozen fireballs of the same size crashed into Marin Fando everywhere. The purpose of his attack on the naval headquarters today is to completely destroy Marin Fando. The golden Buddha jumped suddenly in the air, and a pair of huge golden palms directly intercepted Kaido's hot flame, but a flame passed by and was about to rush into the distant building. Buddha slightly stupefied, still did not have time to stop, then hurriedly hot breath rushed past, but at this time, an old man in a white navy coat rose from the ground, a punch on the flame hot breath, bang! The heat suddenly went out. Karp.. When Kaido saw the figure, he immediately roared. Karp flashed to the top of Kaido's head in an instant and shouted angrily: "Kaido.." You bastard! With a bang, Karp's iron fist fell hard on Kaido's head, and Kaido whined with a violent cry of pain. After the long body hit the ground, the ground suddenly collapsed within hundreds of meters. After the dust settled, Kaido turned back into a human form, stood up and shook his head. Kaido felt that the punch was so powerful that he felt a pain he had never felt before, but it did not hurt him too much. Kaido is still alive and kicking. He took out a mace out of nowhere, and when he saw Karp and Warring States, his face was solemn. Even powerful as Kaido, in the face of Karp and Warring States two people together, the heart is still panic. Kaido immediately roared at his men, "hasn't that old woman Lingling come yet?" "Boss Kaido, BIG MOM is still on the way. She says she hates to see you now. She won't be willing to come until you leave Marin Fando. Otherwise, this meeting will make you pay back the favor you once owed her." Cried Kaido's men. The dead old woman. With an angry roar, Kaido immediately rushed toward Karp and Warring States on the opposite side. "Labor and management can't wait any longer. We're going to completely destroy the Navy headquarters today." "Make a scene, little ones!" Although only two people came to the three major disasters, they still had overwhelming combat power in the face of the current naval headquarters. The yellow ape, who was watching the scene through the projection screen, frowned and seemed to be very disdainful of Kaido's arrogance, so he asked the crane, "Where is Sakasky?" "He was temporarily transferred to Marijoa, and the red-haired pirate group has not left the vicinity of Marijoa Port." Crane worriedly looking at the battle in the projection screen, with the strength of Warring States and Karp, although enough to defeat Kaido,smart board interactive whiteboard, but in a short time is unlikely to decide the outcome, plus Kaido can turn into a dragon, can flee the scene at any time.



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