The woman who wears fast is going to be on the top.


The woman who wears fast is going to be on the top.

Su Qianwen, a modern man, could not help but marvel at the magnificent building, but her surprise was well hidden and not seen. Walking into the hall, the Dragon Chair is placed in the center, and nine golden dragons intersect, symbolizing the supremacy of imperial power. She went to one side to take her place, and the maids who were waiting on her lowered the curtain in front of her. All the ministers who entered the court were slightly stupefied when they saw this scene. How could the queen mother, who had not participated in state affairs for a long time, suddenly come. Officials close to the Su family were confused and quietly asked Su Mozhi. Su Qianwen, who was sitting at a high place, could see clearly all the disturbances under the stage. She looked at Su Mozhi's mysterious appearance and wanted to laugh. However, she still maintained a calm look, as if she did not care at all. Tang Feng according to the usual practice in the morning, different from the previous perfunctory, or even indifferent,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, today he can not wait. The footsteps were so vigorous that the eunuchs who followed him strode up. Walking into the throne room, Tang Feng's line of sight unconsciously looked at the familiar and unfamiliar position. Today, the curtain in that position covered the person behind the curtain, but he still knew who the person was. With anticipation, Tang Feng ascended the throne. Looking at Su Mozhi under the stage, there was an undercurrent in his eyes. The eunuch standing aside shouted, "If you have something to say,stainless steel toilet, retire from court if you have nothing to say." As soon as the voice fell, Su Mozhi stood out. Who in the court is not a person who has been in the ups and downs of officialdom for many years, as early as when he saw the figure of the queen mother, he knew what would happen. The pro-Soviet faction is happy, while the hearts of others are slowly sinking. Tell the emperor that I have something to tell him. Tang Feng quietly looked at Su Mozhi, who was hunched over, and said lightly, "What's the matter with Aiqing?" Gritting his teeth, Su Mozhi looked at the figure of Su Qianwen. Although I know that I have already made up my mind, it still hurts a little if I really want to do it now. He tried to make himself laugh and said in a loud voice, "I think your majesty can take charge of his own affairs now and should take back his military power.". Now our country is at war with the barbarians, Flush valve price ,Time Delay Tap, and at this time we need your Majesty's guidance. A word stirred up a thousand waves, and the ministers of the pro-Soviet faction stared at the old man standing in the hall in front of them. The hearts of the people of other parties that had sunk were hung up again. Tang Feng's heart is ups and downs, he did not expect this day to come so fast. The appropriate thickness of his mouth trembled a little. He suppressed the excitement and kept calm and said, "Do you have any different ideas?" The pro-Soviet people did not dare to speak at the moment, and several old ministers of the same age as Su Mozhi locked their eyes on Su Mozhi with reproach. A minister of the pro-Soviet faction just wanted to open his mouth, but he didn't want Su Qianwen to snatch the white and said, "The Ai family thinks this proposal is very good. The emperor has passed the weak crown. It's time to take power.". Do you have any complaints? Say it and let the mourning family listen to it. With this opening, what the minister wanted to say was completely swallowed back into his stomach. The crowd listened to Su Qianwen's tone, and naturally knew that all this was the meaning of the queen mother. All the people present are smart. Who dares to complain at this time. Until the early morning, Tang Feng still could not believe it. The thing he dreamed of was sent back to his hands in two or three words from his mother. Eyes want to chase the figure of the queen mother, but has long disappeared, but his heart is filled with a burst of touching. Important things have a good start, Su Qianwen's mood is also happy, so even to hear their nominal brother and mother want to see there is no unhappiness. After changing into light clothes and fiddling with her bun, Su Qianwen heard the maid say at the door, "Empress, Mrs. Su and Mr. Su are waiting in the side hall." With a hum to show that she knew, she asked the people around her to continue to fix the bun. This is half a stick of incense time, Su Shi and Su Zi deep in the side hall and so on some impatient, but can not show it. Now both of them believed that the person who had said that to Su Mozhi was really their own daughter and sister. Su Qianwen stepped slowly, graceful and noble. He walked past them carelessly and sat down on the bench beside them. As soon as they were about to salute, they heard a gentle female voice: "Mother and brother don't have to be too polite.". ” In a conversation, Su Qianwen was not aggressive, but spoke softly. It is totally different from what Su Shi and Su Zhishen think. Su Qianwen talked most about the future of the Su family. She knew that Su Zhishen was Su Mozhi's most valued son, and at the same time her mind was extremely clear. A lot of words are useless to Su Mozhi, but they are useful to Su Zhishen. Without any trace, he said a lot about the alternation of imperial power and the covetous Prime Minister Ye in the court, saying that Su Zhishen had some deep respect for the elder sister who had never been together too much. Compared with the old fox Su Mozhi, it is obvious that Su Zhishen is much easier to deal with. Finished speaking, Su Zhishen a face of fortitude with ignorant Su Shi out of the palace. It was in this leisure that Su Qianwen began to think carefully about what Su Mozhi meant. The barbarian land was mentioned, and if she remembered correctly, it should be Ji Sikong of the Ji family. Her eyes were bright and her mood was uncertain. She didn't believe that there was nothing fishy about what Su Mozhi said. Suddenly, a thought flashed through her mind, and before she could catch it, she had no clue. At the border of the Tang Dynasty, the flames of war were raging. The soldiers filled their empty stomachs with chaff cakes. Ji Sikong sat in a chair with a map made of sheepskin in his hand. It was covered with black charcoal paintings of the locations of the fortresses and the mountains and forests. Although his eyes rested on the scrolls, his thoughts had run away. It was the second day he came to this world. He was the eldest son of the Ji family. At a young age, he fought with his father to expand the land of the Tang Dynasty. The original owner died in a battle against the Turks and received him,Manual Flush Valve, the soul from the future. There was a chill around him that strangers were not allowed to enter. He had been observing the people around him these two days. On the battlefield, there were no young women at all, only some old women taking care of his daily life.



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