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Finance is a very important aspect in a person’s life and along with it comes something so relevant and meaningful- Properties and inheritance. Finance properties are interlinked with each other. Human beings make money to survive and to live their lives as they want but acquiring money and property also comes with its own share of problems and sufferings. Although there can be hardly any way out of one’s own share of problems, astrology can help us to a greater extent. Solutions for finance and property issues through astrology can be really beneficial for any of us if we consult someone reliable and trustworthy. Astrology consultation in these cases are mainly given based on your charts.

Property issues can be really painful and they can be of different types. Ownership over your own land or your property can be a really joyous experience to live in but the property itself can be a little disputed or unlucky for you and your family for multiple reasons. We never wish for anyone to go through such a tough phase in their lives where they feel choked in their own dream homes or spaces. But, if you get stuck in an unfortunate space, you can always contact the top astrologers in India to help you get out of it. Currently in India, one of the top astrologers Mr. Hemant Barua can help you solve your financial and property problems by making use of his immense knowledge in the field of astrology. He has been felicitated with many 100+ prestigious awards including Global Jyotish Shrestham International Jyotish Ratan for his groundbreaking research in Trimayasha Remedial Work..

Why go to an astrologer for finance solutions? 

A man’s finances are always related to his hard work and strategic activities. But, in a few misfortunate cases, no matter how much hard work a man puts in, he doesn’t really get any prosperity or money so to say. Why does such a thing happen? The answer lies in astrology.

Here are some of the key factors in astrology that help determine your financial status.

  • In the natal chart, the second house is responsible for the financial status of a man.
  • The fourth house comprises all materialistic possessions of man like bank balance and land or property.
  • The fifth also determines some of the money business that comes from all sorts of speculative dealings of a man.
  • Inheritance is another nodal source of property gain which falls into the eighth house astrologically.
  • The eleventh house deals in the organic gains from a person’s own hard work and efforts.

How the planets affect finance?

Solutions for finance properties through astrology have a lot to do with planets or the lord’s positioning and its presence in your charts. Let’s take a quick look at which planet impacts your money and how.

  • Rahu or the shadow planet suggests that you will gain suddenly a lump sum amount but entirely organically because of your hard work.
  • Saturn belongs to the second house and is responsible for providing you with the will and understanding to handle money. But this understanding comes at a price and that is a lot of struggle.
  • Jupiter on the other hand can bring in great fortune to your financial front if it unites with the other planets.
  • The positioning of Venus over the second house also helps in leading a comfortable life and creating a positive influence.
  • Venus Mercury coming together can also form a strong and influential financial front.
  • Handsome gains can also be profited from the influence of Jupiter over Mars.

Problems in property matters and its solutions:

It’s true that the sense of property ownership can bring in a great sense of achievement and happiness but at times they can bring in misfortune to the owner and its family as well because of disruptive reasons. Vaastu faults in a newly acquired property can result in various problems in your house like haunted experiences, lapse in financial holdings, troubled marriages, disruption of commercial growth.

How do the planets affect property issues? 

Just like our financial possessions, our properties also get affected by the placement and positioning of the planets. Let’s look at some of the heavenly bodies that can impact your abode and how:

  • Mars and the fourth house are primarily responsible for the property matters.
  • If Mars and Jupiter come together, you can acquire some property and this will be a good and happy place to reside in.
  • When the Moon is associated with Jupiter it’s called the Gaj Kesari Yoga which also determines acquisition of property.
  • Mars favors a person to buy a property or gain it through inheritance.

These are some of the most impactful points while discussing property and finance in astrology. These will help you build a healthy and happy life that you had dreamt of forever.

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