Making Your B2B Marketing More Profitable Through Entertainment


To boost sales, client engagement, and experience, B2B marketers are utilizing well-known B2C entertainment marketing strategies.

B2B companies are leveraging entertainment to drive their marketing ROI. They are using strategies that address the ever-changing needs of B2B customers and take advantage of how technology is improving.

Let's examine the top five entertainment marketing strategies that can drive engagement for your B2B content:

On-demand content rules
Salesforce corporate B2B recently announced a new streaming service—Salesforce+—that caters exclusively to businesses. If you want to try something like this, you don't need to create a new streaming platform. Instead, you can use your social media accounts to share unique content that your target audience will find interesting.

Presentation should not be a priority
Your B2B audience is no different from the audience that consumes basic TikTok videos, reality shows, or YouTube clips that lack the best scripts. Any captivating human content featured on popular entertainment channels appeals to the viewer and can influence their purchasing decisions.

Enjoy user-generated content
Leverage user-generated content like videos, reviews, and testimonials. When your customer tells the story of your brand or how your brand helped them solve their problems, the content is engaging and authentic to your potential customers and influences their purchasing decisions. Plus, this content gets high engagement and improves your brand reputation.

Relevance wins hearts
If the content you are producing is fun and engaging, addresses the pain points and demands of your target audience, and is timed perfectly to meet the changing needs of the market, your potential customers can better relate to your brand and leverage your products or services.

Create immersive experiences through events
With the help of experience experts Boost Experiential, Google created a series of events to target small businesses in the US. They led a national initiative to provide educational seminars and training for small businesses. They held events in 50 states and introduced Google tools to thousands of entrepreneurs. As a result, they have over 50,000 small businesses online.

Entertainment could be a B2B trend for 2022
Create valuable, memorable, fun and engaging content by addressing customer pain points. Make it available to your target audience through popular channels like streaming sites, social media, webinars, live events and more to get your marketing ROI.


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