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These headlines alone are scary enough. Besides, these are all miracles that have really been created. Comparatively speaking, a pond on the top of the eight characters in a small town seems to be insipid.

These headlines alone are scary enough. Besides, these are all miracles that have really been created. Comparatively speaking, a pond on the top of the eight characters in a small town seems to be insipid. Repairing mechanized farming roads and building new villages are things that anyone can do and can do, but small towns do it earlier and make greater determination. Really do not see do not know, a look startled; not than do not know, a than face a fever, Xiao Feng then repeatedly lament. Qi can only be bulged but never released. Xiaofeng called several people to an emergency meeting and said, "Three hundred cases? It is impossible that 299 cases are better than us. The future is bright.". What we need to see now is our efforts in writing. Small Ding mouth quick, say: "Right, the article seems to see the mountain does not like flat, the deed is flat, the article is uneven, not afraid of unsuccessful." Ai Lao said: "Our deeds are not fair.". Naturally, Wen seems to be right to see that the mountain is not flat. "The question is,pump tube, what is'unfair '? Can you say something ugly?" Xiaoding blushed and choked, unable to oppose. Old Ai went on slowly: "Generally speaking, a good article must have a crested head, a bear's waist, and a leopard's tail. Separately, you can break the topic,pump tube, carry on the topic, start talking, start talking, start the stock, the middle stock, the back stock, and tie the stock. Everything is exquisite.." Just as he was saying something interesting, Old Dong suddenly came in coldly: "What you always say seems to be the rules of stereotyped writing." Xiaoding pulled himself together and made a counterattack: "There is an article in the fourth volume of Xiongwen, which is called" People's Shares of the Opposition "." Old Ai's tiny eyes blinked nervously for a moment, and the previously bright light dimmed. Xiao Feng cleared his throat and said, metal cosmetic tubes ,polyfoil tube, "There is nothing to argue about. Of course, we should write the article well.". The problem is how to write well. In my opinion, local characteristics are the most important. If only Minshan were in a small town, the town would be a revolutionary holy place. Unfortunately, it's only fifty miles away. Several others looked at each other, not understanding what he meant. Still small Ding brain turns quickly, realize what, ask: "What you say is which 'Min Shan'?" Xiao Feng replied, "There are still a few Minshan Mountains. They are the Minshan Mountains in our county." Xiaoding asked, "What is the relationship between Minshan Mountain in our county and the sacred place of revolution?" Little Feng replied, "You don't even know that?"? Didn't Chairman Mao say in his poem "Long March" that he liked the snow of the Minshan Mountains more? Xiaoding threw back his head and burst out laughing. His laughter was very presumptuous. After a long time, he almost lost his breath. Finally, he managed to slow down. While wiping the tears from his eyes, he intermittently screamed with laughter: "That Minshan Mountain is tens of thousands of miles away from our Minshan Mountain. That Minshan Mountain is in Sichuan." Xiaofeng flatly said, "Impossible. The Minshan Mountain mentioned in the Long March poem is the Minshan Mountain in our county. The Long March started from our province." Xiaoding became serious. "Do you really not know or don't you know?"? Do you really think that the Minshan Mountain in the Long March poem refers to the Minshan Mountain in our county? "Why not!"! You may not know more than I do. Xiao Feng said firmly, looking at Ai Lao and Lao Dong with his eyes, apparently seeking support. Old Ai and Old Dong were looking at their toes together for some reason, as if there was something more miraculous there. Only then did Xiaofeng feel guilty and said, "This is an academic issue, and we will discuss it later.". Let's get down to business. So, Xiaoding is young and knows a lot, so let him write the first draft. We'll work on it together when it's done. Everyone said yes in chorus. When Xiaoding was still talking about the "Minshan Mountain", he laughed at himself and shook his head: "Academic problems?!" Five Xiaoding is very quick. The assignment was in the afternoon. In the evening, he and Lao Dong put their bodies together on the brazier and talked about the past of Lao Dong's "Nadasha" or "Katyusha" in the middle of the night. The next day, before breakfast, he took a stack of manuscript paper and knocked on Xiao Feng's door. Xiao Feng and Ai Lao lived in the same room in order to revise the script that was expected to become a model opera. After Xiaofeng became the head of the propaganda team, the direction of art changed greatly, and he suddenly realized that poetry was a small skill, and that only writing big plays was authentic. He made up his mind to be a playwright and vowed to write a model opera, because the propaganda department was also in charge of cultural and educational work, and he knew the play that Ai Lao had written and won an award in his early years. He asked the headmaster of the town primary school to find Ai Lao and convey Feng's instructions: I want to see the script. If it's good, I can consider letting the county troupe put it on the stage. At that time, Ai Lao was really overjoyed with poetry and books. Holding the mimeographed script that had already turned yellow, he rushed directly to the propaganda group of the county revolutionary committee like a gust of wind. Ai Lao is a man who has seen the world. He did not hand over the script to the headmaster. Instead,plastic packaging tube, his tone was as tough as it had ever been, saying that he wanted to listen to it face to face. Although the headmaster was resentful at that time, he was also Monet.



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