Emperor Phoenix's Miraculous Doctor Abandoned Concubine a Cai 108


Emperor Phoenix's Miraculous Doctor Abandoned Concubine a Cai 108

"How is it possible." Blood flowed all over his face, and the arrow was still "stuck" in the village head's eyes, but the village did not move. He stared at Si Xiaocheng in a daze, unable to accept that he had been "shot" by a child, which could no longer be described as humiliating. "Xiao Cheng, you are so awesome." As soon as Zhai Xiaoming saw that he had won the first battle, he clapped his hands to save face and kept praising Si Xiaocheng for his prowess. "This arrow was a beautiful shot." One arrow hit, too strong. Wang Xiaosheng also applauded for Si Xiaocheng, but. "That's enough!" Si Hsiao-cheng was so angry that he wanted to curse. With his little black face, he said angrily, "I want to shoot between my eyebrows, not my eyes." You bastards, is that a compliment? Is that a compliment? [] Emperor Huang's Miraculous Doctor Abandoned Concubine 70 Si Hsiao-cheng wanted to die, and if his father knew that he would shoot an arrow and become like this, he would surely beat him to death. Sijia's arrow was never locked in the eye. He would only'shoot 'the eye when he had eaten too much. It was not hunting. He had to keep his fur intact before he'shot' the eye. "Uh.." Seeing that Si Hsiao-cheng was so decadent, everyone did not know how to comfort him for a moment. Fu Xiaolin thought for a moment and then said, "At least I hit the target. It's better than if we hadn't seen blood yet. And my eyes are not far from my eyebrows. It's just a little bit off." "Yes, yes, look at me." My gun is still clean. There's not a drop of blood. Zhai Xiaoming immediately belittled himself to comfort Si Xiaocheng. Compared with them, Xiao Cheng is already very good. Forget it Although Si Xiaocheng is still very decadent, but in the small partner's encouragement, in the end is to cheer up: "The first time, it is inevitable that there will be a mistake,mobile garbage bin, the next time, my father should not blame me." Si Xiaocheng put away his bow and switched to Mo Dao. His arm strength is acceptable, but he still can't pull the bow continuously. His arm is still in pain. It's almost impossible to shoot a second arrow now. "Xiao Cheng is right. Let's go out." Yuwen Xiaoyuan also killed to the side of the small partner, his face spattered blood, you can see how ruthless he is. Yuwen yuanhua Diao. Teach your own son , has always been a real knife and gun, and Yuwen Xiaoyuan opponents, and never soft-handed, fracture blood is a common thing,plastic trash bins, Yuwen Xiaoyuan on the battlefield will not exist, not used to or do not adapt. "Xiaoyuan, you can." Yuwen Xiaoyuan's arrival, stimulated Zhai Xiaoming several people, Yuwen Xiaoyuan so cattle, they can not be cowardly, being protected in the middle of what is really weak explosion. Si Xiaocheng and Zhai Xiaoming cheer up again, cooperate with Fu Xiaolin together, fight a way out, take Wang Xiaosheng out, and this time the village head who was stabbed in the eye, also pulled out the arrow, to his eyes simply stop bleeding. The one-eyed village chief looked hateful, and his momentum was much more fierce than before. Perhaps because he was injured, the whole village chief went on a rampage: "Kill them.." Just leave one of them alive. The village chief became more and more cruel, and now he directly wanted to take the lives of Zhai Xiaoming and several others, plastic pallet manufacturer ,euro plastic pallet, especially Si Xiaocheng, who was full of hatred: "That'archery 'boy must not be let go. He must live.." [] Emperor Huang's Miraculous Doctor Abandoned Concubine 70 "Yes." Do peasant man dress up the remaining evil, the village head is very respectful, the village's order, they start to fight more ruthless. Dang Dang Dang. Swords collided, colliding with countless sparks, and the rest of them surrounded Zhai Xiaoming and his party, saying that they would not let them run out, the same. Zhai Xiaoming and his party tried their best to rush out: "a group of rabble dare to stop us and destroy their lair." "I won't be called Si Hsiao-cheng if I don't destroy this ruined village today." Si Hsiao-cheng also became more and more capable in the Vietnam War, and gradually found the feeling that he was quite handy in fighting. Come with me. "Yuwen Xiaoyuan, holding a broadsword, rushed ahead, specially made for his broadsword, dancing in his hands, brandishing a blood fog, watching the blood boiling, Zhai Xiaoming's gun, also involuntarily speeding up.." Pick, stab, chop.. Without a little spear, Zhai Xiaoming's kungfu is absolutely spent energy and hard work to practice. As "Nai" Bao said, the world only saw that he was born noble and talented. He worshipped famous teachers and learned both civil and military skills at a young age. His talent and learning were extraordinary. But who knows, he began to learn the Four Books and Five Classics at the age of two, and the Five Books began to practice martial arts. While others were sleeping, he had already got up and squatted outside the courtyard; while others were eating, he was holding a book and studying hard. Educated as an heir, he has suffered no less than others and made no less efforts than others. Even if he is smart, he can't be born with nothing. He has to spend time and energy to learn. Zhai Xiaoming, Si Xiaocheng several people are no exception, although they are young, but the basic work is solid, with the help of QinBing, this group of evil want to take them, is not so easy.. Zhai Xiaoming several newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, the more brave the Vietnam War, blood not only did not make them afraid, but also made them more brave, when the "milk" treasure came with people, they saw Zhai Xiaoming and his party actually tore a hole in the encirclement.. "Not bad." "Milk" Bao just praised, and before he could go out, he saw. Women in the village, I do not know where to push out dozens of ballista, and these ballista all point to Zhai Xiaoming several people. Not good "Milk" treasure face "color" big change, regardless of whether will expose "reveal" identity, immediately jumped out, also regardless of the plan arranged before, quickly ordered: "Action!" So, when Zhai Xiaoming did not understand the situation at all, he saw a group of dark people coming from outside the village. Why are there so many people? Zhai Xiaoming several immediately panicked, Fu Xiaolin is the eyes stare big, completely can not believe what he saw. My uncle, how can such a small village hide so many people? Where are these people hiding? Fu Xiaolin wanted to scold Niang,plastic bulk containers, but more than he wanted to scold Niang was the people in the village, they thought the victory was in hand, but the situation changed in an instant. cnplasticpallet.com



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