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"Old man, you are still charming, but how much are you worth?" Another man in black stepped forward and pinched Lin's chin with his fingers.

"Old man, you are still charming, but how much are you worth?" Another man in black stepped forward and pinched Lin's chin with his fingers. His thumb rubbed against her face with nostalgia. "It's a pity," he said with a sneer. "What you can give, others can give. You can't give what others can. "Lin turned his head sideways, but was imprisoned by the man's hands like iron pincers. He had to frown and said," What can't the Xie family give you? " "Don't think about stalling, young lady. It won't work for us." The man in black snapped his fingers like a little ringleader. He got up and said, "It's your fault that you know too much. Have a good baby in the afterlife." Ignite! The voice did not fall, the narrow wooden house sounded a crackling sound, and the strong fragrance of wine made people faint. They wanted to burn their mother and daughter alive! Miss Lin began to struggle violently. She rubbed the cloth belt on her eyes crazily on the wooden wall, even though her cheeks were burning and her skin was bleeding. For a moment, the blindfold of her cloth loosened a little and hung loosely around her neck. Pure Brightness her sight was restored, she only saw a strange black mark on the arm of one of the men in black, and then saw that the leader of the head picked up the oil lamp on the table and smashed it, and suddenly the towering flames came to her face, and the air was filled with choking smoke. Fei Fei, my son, where are you? Mrs. Lin shouted in despair. The wine-soaked wood burned very fast. Lin tried her best to knock her mother down in a corner far away from the fire, but she moved towards the burning. First, she roasted her feet tied by the thick rope on the fire. She endured the pain until the flame burned the rope. Then she turned around and burned her bound hands in the same way. Wrist flesh was licked by the flames of the taste of pain,stackable plastic pallets, until the rope loosened, Lin miss has been covered with sweat, smoked by fireworks can not open their eyes, issued a burst of heart-rending cough. It was so hot that I couldn't see. Every inch of skin was so painful that it almost cracked. Every hair gave off a burning smell. She struggled towards the window. This is a two-story old boat, they were locked on the second floor, the door was nailed, only a broken window was half open, Lin missed while coughing,plastic pallet manufacturer, while enduring the burning pain of the eyeball, groping for an old stool on the ground, using all his strength to hit the window.. At the same time, Xie Fu's soldiers spread all over every street and alley in Lin'an. The generals held the tokens and torches, commanding the soldiers under their command: "Inns, teahouses, restaurants, brothels.." Don't let go of everything! The movement was so great that even the people of Linan Mansion were alarmed, and Zhao Ying joined the search and rescue team with his men. Xie Yunguan robe did not have time to unload, hurriedly beat the horse to come over and asked: "How, have a clue?" Xie Shaoli on horseback, with a cold face, looked at the empty and endless street and shook his head. Xie Yun said, "I tested the tone of the prince. If his acting was not too realistic, wholesale plastic pallet ,wholesale plastic pallet, there would be only one possibility: he really didn't know where Lin Sinian was." Xie Shaoli's face was as cold as frost, and the veins on the back of his hand bulged: "In such a short time, they can't run too far, either in the city or in the suburbs." Xie Yun's complexion also sank down. In the distance came the barking of hunting dogs. Zhao Ying waved the torch in her hand and rode over excitedly: "Come here, there is a clue!" Xie Shaoli suddenly raised his head, his tired eyes flashed a bright color, and the whip in his hand fell heavily, running all the way in the direction pointed by Zhao Ying. The well-trained hounds ran all the way forward following the breath of Lin's yearning, barking, hooves, mixed with the roar of the wind and snow, it was particularly cold and bleak. Lin'an's New Year is coming quietly in this ominous atmosphere. Chapter 30 kill read two. The smash exhausted the strength of Lin Sinian's life, and the half-old wooden window broke, splashing sawdust and cutting Lin Sinian's cheek. She did not care to wipe the blood on her face, but lay on the windowsill and got up. The air was so cold that it pricked my lungs. She lifted her burning eyelids to look, and her vision was blurred like a layer of blood mist, only to see the boat stopped in the middle of the river, dozens of feet away from the shore. In the light of the towering fire, the river with thin ice was bottomless, like a huge black mouth nibbling at her last hope. By this time, the fire on the second floor had spread to every corner, and smoke was rising into the sky. If she waited any longer, she and her mother would be burned alive here. Lin Xiangsi covered his mouth and nose with his sleeve and stumbled towards the corner of the window. Although Mrs. Lin in the corner had not been burned, she had been choked into a semi-coma, and her mouth was still murmuring the name of Miss Lin. Lin Xiangsi crouched down, pulled off the black cloth on her mother's eyes, and reached out to untie the thick rope on her hands and feet. Very not easy to untie the rope on the foot, the hot tongue of fire has licked the back of Lin Miss, as if to cut off a layer of skin from her body. Lin missed a stuffy hum, with his teeth to bite the rope on his mother's hand, until his mouth was filled with the smell of blood, the knot was finally loosened. She picked up her mother and sent her out of the window, shouting, "Niang, Ah Niang!"! This place is going to burn down. Jump down quickly! "No, Fei Fei, you go first!" Before Mrs. Lin could say a word, there was a sudden roar downstairs, which shook the burning coals on the beam. It must have been flammable materials such as gunpowder and wine jars hidden downstairs, which were ignited by splashing sparks. Startled, Lin cried, "Ah Niang, if you don't go, it'll be too late.." Before she had finished speaking, her eyes suddenly widened. The beams on the second floor were burned off, and the burning wood crackled down. "Mrs. Lin gave a loud cry and turned around to protect Lin from death." Ah Niang-! Before Mrs. Lin could even snort, she was hit by a broken piece of wood and spurted a mouthful of blood. At this critical moment of life and death,plastic pallet bin, she abandoned her weakness for most of her life and used her body as a shield to protect her daughter under her weak body. Lin missed nothing, but could only watch helplessly as the clothes on her mother's body were ignited in an instant, and a high flame was ignited in her hair.



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