Today, I saved another male God father.


Today, I saved another male God father.

Xie Ting looked at a Chongsu with very complicated eyes at the moment. There is surprise, there is a sigh, and there is a ray of disappointment. Finally turned into a faint sentence: "So it is you." Over the years, he has noticed that there is an undercurrent swimming under the calm surface of Jianghu. On that day, in Dongbai Mansion, the real Xie Ting died too abruptly. Before he could really do it, the other party died so easily. Xie Ting died, and his wish for many years was finally fulfilled. His own hatred, but also killed his father's revenge. But it's too easy for the other to die. It was so easy to make people doubt that he had to guard against it. So he brought Wuchen back to Tianyin Sect. Want to find out who is playing tricks in Jianghu, perhaps, this is the real Xie Ting set a trap for him. I didn't expect.. "It was you who did it." Xie Ting's eyes were as dark as the abyss. "Even if he was possessed by the devil, he shouldn't have died so easily.". You poisoned him? He thought. The last person to appear today will be Xie Ting. Unexpectedly, it was Ah Chongsu of the Xueyin Sect. Yes, it's all me. Without the slightest hesitation, Ah Chong Su nodded crisply: "He thought he was the wisest man in the world.". If my sister is not too simple to be deceived by him, how can he easily destroy my plan! But it doesn't matter, even if I'm more than 30 years late,collapsible pallet box, I can still get what I want. "Master Xie.". How about we cooperate? A Chongsu led a group of martial arts masters to approach slowly, and took the initiative to stretch out his hand: "If you join hands with me, you can sweep across the Central Plains.". I'll take what I want, and you can take the rest. I can also help you unify the Central Plains Jianghu, so that the Jianghu Wulin, which is full of sects, will eventually become the Tianyin Sect. How "I am sincere,plastic wheelie bins, absolutely from the heart!"! Ten years ago, your enemy was killed, and I helped you. "Master Xie's martial arts are unique in the world. Looking at Jianghu, who can match you?"! As long as you are willing to join hands with me, the world can not stop you and me. A Chong Su is domineering and imposing. A Yin Bai loosened his grip on the eldest brother's arm and breathed a sigh of relief, as long as the eldest brother did not want to be an enemy of the distant brother. Hearing Ah Chongsu's words, Ouyang and Wuchen's faces were slightly congealed. Only Xie Ting, the expression is still lazy and cold. He picked up the fat dumpling hiding behind his long legs and held it in his arms with one hand. Lazily pulled the little face of the cloud, and when the little girl glared at him, she chuckled: "How do you want to cooperate with me?" "Two fists are hard to defeat four hands. There is no Dongbai Mansion in the Central Plains. There are still one temple, two courtyards, three schools and six sects. There are countless small sects. How can you capture the whole Wulin?"? Is it difficult to let our Tianyin teach you as cannon fodder? "Naturally not, plastic pallet box ,heavy duty plastic pallet, my sincere cooperation with your faction can be learned from heaven and earth!"! As long as Master Xie agrees, you only need to use 1/3 of your manpower to cooperate with me. Now, with the people of the six cities in my hands, I can do it freely. A Chongsu smiled happily and said, "Master Xie, think about it carefully.". As long as you are willing to cooperate with me, the whole Jianghu Wulin will be your voice. If you say you are right, you are right. In the future, who dares to say that we are evil? The division of good and evil is always written by the Victor. As long as they win, they are right. Xie Ting seemed to smile, and his face was calm, so that people could not see what he really thought. Ou Yangjian clenched the jade flute, left elbow desperately hit the dust-hurry to stop ah! You are Shettin's own son! Now is not the time to dwell on the past. I don't know how many years this Ah Chongsu has been in Jianghu. If he really wants to join hands with Tianyin Sect, the whole Jianghu will set off a bloody storm. I don't know how many people will die in this chaos. And the people of the six cities held by Ah Chong-su. That's human life! Wuchen pursed his lips and slightly slanted his head to look at Xie Ting. But he did not speak to dissuade him, but waited quietly. Xie Ting stood aloof. He took a lazy look at Ah Chong Su and asked softly, "What if we don't agree?" Chong Su smiled and raised his hand gently. The man in black, who was quietly following behind him, suddenly moved and pulled out the machete from his waist in a neat and uniform manner. The blade glowed coldly in the moonlight, and it was extremely cold and sharp. A Chong Su carelessly followed a dagger and played with it in his hand: "If Master Xie toasts and doesn't eat, then I can't help it." Master Xie, you'd better think about it more. After all, this is a good opportunity to unify the rivers and lakes, and there will be no shop after this village. In fact, I am not so easy to talk to. A Chong Su's voice was slow, and his slow voice was threatening and intimidating. When he put down the dagger, all the men in black were armed with machetes, and the sharp blades were unsheathed. As soon as Ah Chong Su gave the order, he would immediately start to dye the world into blood. Ha ha ha ha.. When the two sides were at daggers drawn, Xie Ting roared on his back and roared Ling Ling. Violent internal force merges into laughter, like rolling waves. The men in black with machetes were enveloped by this internal force, and at the same time their blood surged, and their underwear rolled and piled up with the sound, which could not be suppressed. At my age, no one has ever threatened me. On Xie Ting's face, he said coldly, "What do you rely on to say such big words?". I'm not afraid to say too much and flash my tongue! "Brother yuan." My eldest brother doesn't mean anything else. If you cooperate with him, everyone will win! A Yinbai stood opposite and shouted anxiously. But as soon as she shouted, Xie Ting's cold eyes suddenly fell on her face. Black eyes kill all over the sky, so cold that there is no temperature. A Yin Bai was so cold that he was so excited that the rest of his words choked in his throat and he really didn't dare to say them. Same as no dust. Xie Ting is no longer the Dongbaiyuan of Dongbaifu. He is the leader of the Demon Sect feared by Jianghu people. He killed thousands of people in the Shura Forest, stepped on the ground with blood,foldable bulk container, and became the leader of the Tianyin Sect. No matter what Xie Ting thinks, he is the leader of the Tianyin Sect and an evil spirit. At this moment, this is a fact that no one can refute.



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