Night Flame of the Reborn Rich and Powerful Family


Night Flame of the Reborn Rich and Powerful Family

Just when Su Yexing was almost about to jump into the sea of love/desire, his body suddenly lightened. Desire/hope almost reached the peak of the flood but nowhere to vent the pain so that he suddenly opened his eyes, but saw Lin Yan who was about to open the door and leave. It's just a small punishment. Lin Yan raised his chin and walked away with a disciplinary smile on the anxious and angry Su Yexing. Su Yexing, I love you, but I am not your trophy, nor do I want to be your weapon, which can be materialized to show off at will. If you want to be with me for a long time, you must understand this. By doing so, you not only look down on me, but also look down on yourself too much. I can no longer allow the person I love to do things I can't accept, nor can I allow myself to endure and tolerate without principle for love, because I have already experienced the consequences of doing so. Bend oneself to cater to each other, perhaps in exchange for a temporary superficial peace, but ultimately in addition to the complete disappearance of the true self, there will be no second ending. Deep sea How could such a sensitive person as Su Yexing not feel the change of Lin Yan? After several cold faces from Lin Yan, he knew that he was angry, and the reason for his anger was obvious. Su Yexing did not say much, but picked a day to get off work early when he was not busy. Lin Yan was still angry and had no interest in where Su was going at night. He lingered by the roadside at night before he went home lazily. He thought that Su Yexing would come back late today, but when he returned to the Lin family, he was surprised. His tie was loose,plastic pallet supplier, his sleeves were rolled up, and someone who had left work early, looking as if he had just finished his housework, was greeting him at the door in place of the housekeeper. Are you back? Are you hungry? The action naturally took the briefcase in Lin Yan's hand, and Su Yexing kissed him on the face by the way. Go away Cold to avoid, Lin Yan did not even want to look at him, around him into the living room, the smell of food on his face so that his movements stopped for a few seconds,drum spill containment, the feeling of hunger suddenly became clear. It was past dinner time, but his stomach was still empty. The servant knew that he never came home on time, and always prepared some snacks, but did not cook the whole meal to avoid waste. Thought it was late for dinner today, just in time, Lin Yan came to the restaurant quickly, but the huge table did not see a family figure, only a table of food emitting an attractive aroma. Fermented bean curd meat, fried shrimp, fried lettuce, cold eggplant.. All the dishes on the table are his favorite dishes. Just as he was wondering which servant was so considerate, his most annoying voice came behind him. Go wash your hands and eat. I guess you should be back by now, so you cook late. He put his arms around Lin Yan's waist from behind, and Su said softly in his ear. I told you to go away. Didn't you hear me?! With a elbowing to his chest, plastic pallet supplier ,collapsible bulk container, Lin Yan sat down at the table with a cold face. Su Yexing looked like he didn't care at all, rubbed his chest and picked up the bowl, filling Lin Yan with a bowl of sharp rice. I haven't cooked for a long time, and I don't know if I'm rusty. Come and identify it quickly. He smiled. I lose my appetite looking at your face. Lin Yan glanced at him. Then I'll go away. Su night line said then got up to leave the restaurant, Lin Yan he knew he did not really go far, but the hungry stomach can not allow him to continue to dispute, can only hold complex emotions to pick up the bowl chopsticks. What is that guy who is more cunning than a fox up to? This doubt disappeared as soon as he took the first bite of the meal. Slightly frowning, the movement pauses, then doubles the acceleration, the meal that Su night line cooks is the delicacy beyond Lin Yan's imagination. In the past, Lin Yan must have had such delicious food, but it was the first time that he had eaten the meal cooked by Su Yexing. Thinking of this, Lin Yan actually felt a little jealous, and could not help but fantasize about how Lin Yan enjoyed the service of Su Yexing in an all-round way. The restaurant was quiet, occasionally heard the sound of bowls and chopsticks colliding, while eating and thinking, Lin Yan knew that Su Yexing was outside the door, quietly watching him not far away. As the stomach was filled, the bad mood slowed down slightly, and the original anger gradually turned into words in my mind. Knowing that Su Yexing was so attentive to please himself, Lin Yan also decided to make some words clear. After dinner, he went upstairs and said good night to his father. He wanted to talk to Su Yexing immediately, but what was waiting for him was a pool of hot water in the bathroom and someone who continued to be gallant. Do you want me to wipe your back? Sprinkling lemon-flavored bath salts in the water, Sue asked softly. Lin Yan was a little cold, and hurriedly shook his head and pushed him out of the bathroom and locked the door. When he was immersed in the water to relax his whole body, he felt that he really could not afford the service of Su's night trip. He had to admit that he was really a coward who could not eat soft, no matter how many things Su Yexing had done to him, as long as he put down his posture to apologize or please, he would involuntarily soften his heart. When on earth will he be able to plan everything, not to be deceived by any stratagem, and not to be moved by any trick? After taking a bath and wiping his hair back to the bedroom, the trouble still pestered him, and if he did not get rid of the problem, he would not have the courage to face Su Yexing, and Lin Yan suddenly did not want to talk to him. Thinking too much, he did not notice that the bedroom door was gently pushed open, nerve endings came slightly strange, in the moment before he had time to react, the body has been hugged from behind, homeopathy fell on the bed. What came into view was Su Yexing's gentle eyebrows and eyes, his wet hair dripping with water, and his charming sex appeal in the dimly lit room. I'm going to rest. Go to your room. Lin Yan turned his face sideways and didn't want to look at him. But I don't want to rest yet, "nibbling Lin Yan's earlobe, Su Yexing dropped a kiss in his neck,".. To do it? You.. What a shame! Lin Yan was so ashamed and angry that he spat at him. Just once. With a nonchalant smile,spill plastic pallet, Su Yexing kissed him in front of his forehead, and then her soft lips lingered in the corner of Lin Yan's eyes, gently grinding and refusing to leave for a long time.



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